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If you think that girls are all sweet, innocent and will
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From Sun Apr  2 06:05:41 2000
From: "maniac_high" 
Subject: Re: Link to Pro-Matriarchy Site - you gotta see this one!

>To the Group:
>Found this link in alt.romance:
> Get this - the title is "Real Women
>Don't do Housework!" The site proposes Matriarchy as the modern solution
>to...well, women's troubles with men (AFC's).     


From Wed Apr 12 08:56:10 2000
From: Jeri Snowdon 
Subject: Re: Hey Vince and other
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 18:03:48 -0400

devils wrote:
> I'm in my late 30's but look like and behave like I'm in my mid to late
> 20's.  I can hit on these young babes but I hesitate for fear of later
> rejecting me after they know my real age.  Should I pretend
> that I'm in my twenties and not bring it up?  Or should I get a fake ID
> and just show it to skirt the issue?  The real problem may come
> if they want me to meet their parents if it ever comes to that.  Any
> suggestions?
> --

When I was in college, my sorority sisters and I used to to this all the
time... We'd get an older guy to buy us drinks, and give us compliments all
night long, then at the end of the night, after he indicated he wanted to
"get to know" one f us me better, we'd tell him that we thought he was too
old for us.. :0 

The games women play... Yes, you all could say that I had a Bitch Shield,
and that I "tested" men, but until Jack came along, I'd never met my match. 

Fellas, let me tell you something from a woman's point of view, a girl will
tell you all kinds of things just to see if you're up to her standards. We
like a guy who can think on his feet quickly enough to tell us that he's
not buying the test.

For you, Joe: Don't worry about her telling you that she thinks you're too
old. If she says that, then all you need worry about is getting a gal who
doesn't think that you're to old. 

         Jeri S.
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