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Story about how to get past chick's boyfriends!

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Subject: Outing report! Tonguing and feeling up Cheat Chick!
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Outing report! Tonguing and feeling up Cheat Chick!

Hi all,

Tonight another (short) outing report. Taro san is now back 
from Paris, so it was a night out to refine some techniques after 
some recent fuckups. Opinions welcome as usual!

The goal tonight, was to practice groundwork, as NYC 
mentionned after my Ms. Tubby fuckup. That means, meeting 
chicks, tonguing them down, feeling them up, and getting kino 
BEFORE trying to take them home and doing kiss close 
attempts as well as phone number closes. We succeed with this
with the first chicks we try it on.. Here we go.. 

Taro-san and I get in the bar, and we see two chicks sitting 
down, he makes the opener, by asking for a smoke, she gives it 
to him, and he asks her if we can sit down, she says yes, we do. 
His chick is a 8.5, mine's a 7.5. Good practice chicks. We 
briefed before, and we decided that we will try to kiss close 
these chicks.

Taro is good at getting the laughs come out of his chick, but 
mine (Cheat chick) is shy. She is trying though. She says she 
wants to go to France one day. I tell her that in France they do 
`bec', which is kiss on the cheek when you greet someone. 
Then I demonstrate it on her, and also kiss her hand, jokingly. 
That works. We talk for about 15 minutes, then we decide to 
take them to the dance floor. 

I find out that my chick may be shy with words, but she is easy 
to let me touch her.  I get kino with her fairly easily (not much 
resistance, but she is laughing a lot now. I gesture another 
`bec', and she does it, and I dance closer to her. Taro is doing 
the same with his chick. I do some Mr. Smooth style dance 
techniques (get the girls together..with Taro san..etc), and 
dance more with my girl. I gesture another few "bec"s and get 
them, then I tell her I want a "real one". Cheat chick doesn't 
understand my sentence, so I just show her. Then she tells me 
she has a BF (no problem, a little later, she totally betrays him 
;-) ). I tell her "I dont mind", and then kiss her again, very 
short one. 

We get the chicks off the dance floor to a corner where I can 
go at her.There we get phone numbers, no problem. Now we 
go for the kiss close. Taro starts to kiss his chick, (he just said, 
lets kiss, and then started), and I say to my chick, looks nice, 
lets do that, and I go in. I get some resistance about BF.  I try 
to kiss her again, just I say "one more". This time, she stays on 
a few seconds. I tell her she is a very good kisser, I want some 
more, and we start extended kissing. Resistance collapses and I 
am in there (took 20 seconds only before she forgot the BF..).

I wander my hands around, her ears, back, her ass, and she 
spreads her legs a little bit, and I get my leg in and start 
rubbing her cunt through her pants with my leg in the proper 
motion as I kiss her continually on the ears, neck, lips..etc. We 
are still in the bar. My hands wander to her tits, no resistance, 
and now I am fondling her tits, cunt through her clothes, and 
she is getting all hot & horny as I do this, and tongue her all 
over her neck, lips, ears.. Continue for about 15 minutes. 

Taro, is having less success with his (kissing, no serious kino 
though). I am trying to stall, keeping my chick busy, so that he 
can catch up, so we can take them home. He is not having luck 
though, so I make the pitch to mine, to come over to my place. 
She looks ready to go, thinks about it, looks uncertain. So I got 
at her again, a few more minutes with all the kino. This 
happens two or three more times, and then she seems to decide 
she wants to go. Then she asks her friend (Taro's chick), and 
she talks her out of it.

I persist, but its not working. Her friend is obstacling, and 
Taro is trying what he can to get her excited too or otherwise
out of the way. Doesn't work though.. Only a 7.5, (ie. throwaway)
no problem,so we keep the numbers, and move on to other chicks..

Okay, Some lessons from this. First, from now on, all closes 
will attempt to be kiss closes like this one. Had I done this to 
Ms. Tubby last week, I could have fucked her instantly the next
time I saw her, I am sure..

Thanks NYC for this tip, this problem SOLVED and will not 
happen again.

Other lesson. If something doesn't work, switch approaches 
before giving up. Cheat chick was not a talker at all, totally a 
kino chick. She was boring as fuck at the table and I was ready 
to give up, and was staying in just for Taro to progress with his 
chick. BUT, then we went to the dance floor, and she totally lit up, 
and I could make FAST progress with Cheat chick right up to 
practically fucking her in her clothes in the corner of the bar. 

From now on, I will always try this before giving up on a chick 
Status: O

and moving on.. Excellent night out...learned alot!

Maniac High
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