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MANIAC: Personal Profile: Attack of the Catwoman!
Hi all,
Today I am going throw into discussion, someone I know who is
capable of what I consider, an ultimate seduction. A friend of one of
my GF's is a (Japanese) lesbian sadist. Her (the "Catwoman") sport, is to
meet normal girls, get them to fall completely in love with her, and
make them lesbians (or Bi's) so that she can shag them or do
whatever else she wants to do to them. I consider this to be the ultimate 
as not only does she have to catch the chick, she has to make them
lez too. 
I am going to talk about her system here, as I think there are lots of
applications that guys can use to get chicks with this as well. And
since the system was designed by a chick (and a chick knows a
chick's thinking better than a guy does probably),  it does exploit a lot of
things about chick logic even I have never thought of..
Allright, here we go..
The Catwoman is a 24 yr old very bright (though not so pretty)
young lady. She is a psych. Major, and seems to understand
psychology as well as chick logic thoroughly. My GF even admits
that she feels very comfortable around her, even though she's never
lez'd with her (she says ;-) ). Catwoman has a strong character, is a player and
usually has several chicks on the go at once.. Her GF's are often
very beautiful BTW..
So, what is Catwoman's system? Well, she plays a lot on the
worries, and anxieties of chicks (and since she is a chick too, she knows
what all these are), then applies stealth kino (see below for details),
so integrates pleasurable feelings with intellectual security, and at
that point can get an attachment with the chick. Then, grow the kino
bit by bit, and she's got a friend to lez with..
Now, some things about her system, before I go into the details.
First of all, she can't do this at SS speeds, mainly because of the
lez' barrier (it is hard to get a chick to fall in love with a chick in 1 week
if she was never interested (overtly) in chicks to start with). She
says it takes about 1 month to 3 months (depending on the chick). 
So first she meets the chick. She doesn't say she is a lesbian, or
her intentions with the chick. There is no sex talk at all, whatsoever.. At
that point, she finds out all about them, and especially what their
insecurities are (ie. Job, do they think they are pretty, worthwhile,
smart, legs too fat, too thin..etc..etc, whatever).  Cute girls always
have tons of insecurities, so you just have to find out what they are.
She approaches this, as she were an elder, or mother to the girls. At
that point, she will often talk to them, and tell them she is
worried/was worried about (whatever..job..etc), since last time they
talked, which apparently grows their attachment. Also, she will tell
them they are cute, not in a guy way, but as a confidence builder
way (ie. You are cute, you are good enough.etc..etc), and how she
will take care of them, protect them. This will go on for a while,
playing on the insecurities of the chick.
Then, the stealth Kino will start. Her gimmick is to start kidding with
the chick that she is a cat or kitten (chicks just totally love cats). 
The first few times, she'll just talk how she is cute like a
cat (note, that by comparing to a cat, there is nothing sexual in the is cute in a chick's way, like pretty flowers, or whatever, so
the chick doesn't get scared she's gonna get lez'd by the 

Later, little bits of kino will start, pet her on the head, chin, and later
take her hands or arms while talking about how she is cute like a
cat, and how she is so cuddly, and then she'll hug her (chicks also
love hugs), again, nothing sexual, no implication, but it is getting the
chick to enjoy those nice feelings, and grow more attached as
Catwoman plays the insecurities and acts as a mom and protector
to the chick.
My GF says that this feels very comfortable, and is not threatening
whatsoever. My GF doesn't like other chicks to touch her, but with 
Catwoman, its okay, she isn't scared (my suspicion, is that 
Catwoman is also using NLP and anchors, since she is a chick, and a Psych.
Major, so I am sure she is good at this too, which also dispelled the
Then, at some point, Catwoman will play the fears of the chick, and
get her over to `console her' and protect her and make her feel at
ease (job, too fat, too skinny, not pretty, whatever). And they will
talk, and it will get late, and she'll offer that she can spend the
night, so she doesn't have to go back home alone scared. Then the
cat games will start, and the kino, and the chick will feel at
sexual passes at this stage yet though.
At this point, is usually, when the chick will tell Catwoman she feels
really good around her, or loves her somehow or something like that.
Then, and only then, Catwoman will make her move, again, gently,
and with the cute cat thing, and get more physical, kiss her, or
touch her body, or whatever Lez's do. 

Basically, Catwoman can get in because she acts as this woman's 
protector, and confident, and the person who `truly' worries/cares for 
understands that girl..
Apparently this system works most of the time she says.
I think its a good system, especially the cat/kino thing, and playing
the "I was so worried about you/wondering how you are doing"
cards with the chick's anxieties.Truly classic..
Opinions on this system, and how it works (and how we can apply it
on chicks) are welcome..!
Tomorrow, National Holiday in Japan, Maniac and Smooth hit the
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