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Why not to let a chick know she's captured your heart
until AFTER you lay her!

From Sun Nov  5 07:42:33 2000
Subject: Re: Another newbie & dangerous URL
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 20:17:22 GMT wrote in <8u1plf$qmc$>:


This thing has one excellent point:

>So, the instinctive goal of female conjugal behavior is 
>more man's hearts, nice and different. After a man's 
>heart is captured, a woman can lose any active interest 
>in him, just continue keeping him for her collection, 
>meanwhile seducing the others. 
Mostly, this is evolutionary biology. But the point here, is 
something most evolutionary psycho/bio folks have NOT MADE. The 
usual line in evo. science is that a female wants a long-term 
relationship to aid in the nurturing of the baby. This guy is 
saying, she doesn't so much want one LTR / sucker, as that she 
wants the knowledge of CAPTURING MEN'S HEARTS. She's just as 
much of a stray cat as men are, but she's after HIS EMOTIONS. 
Hence her interest in getting a harem of supplicating AFCs to 
cater to her. Their supplication proves to her that she has 
captured his heart ... hence, no need for her to continue to be 

It's a clear indication, that "received wisdom" about 
evolutionary psychology is sometimes not very applicable to 
real-life circumstances. All that shit about women wanting LTRs 
had always rubbed me the wrong way, and now that I've seen this 
newer better point of view, I get the concept. I had known 
plenty of HBs who liked sex and liked sleeping around, just not 
with me. Now I get it. Or, at least, at little teeny bit more of 


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