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Mystery talks about buying chicks drinks!  NOT!

From Wed Sep 22 10:04:30 1999
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PUA RULE: never buy a girl a drink during a PU.

Daniel wrote in message <>...
>Smoke out a poser?
>whats that exactly?
>Remember guys it can be a cruel world out there so watch out for girls who
>play the free drinks game, who will string you along wanting you to buy
>drinks, by dropping occasional hints like "we are thirsty, we want a drink"
>Dont give in guys.
>Really sickens me when a girl gives fake numbers (i didnt know at the time
>though) and acts throughout the night like nothing happened and even asks
>Really she is prostituting herself in a way.
>I can see however how this evolved as a defensive tactic, to politely get
>of guys who they didnt trust and/or like enough. The drinks game is in
>addition to take advantage of guys stupidity and gullibility and sexual
>which the girls play on quite successfully to get what they are after.
>I was quite angry but my level headed friend calmed me down as i told him
>over the phone.
>NB: Not that i bought any (never have bought drinks for chicks when i dont
>feel right about it).