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What to do when another of your chicks catches you with another chick!

Subject: ]Crisis Management Report! Containment breach captain!!
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 09:03:14 GMT

]Crisis Management Report! Containment breach captain!!

{ when another chick you are fucking, walks in on you and your

In physics, there is something called a "matter-antimatter reaction".
It happens when matter contacts with antimatter, resulting in instant
enormous releases of energy, and absolute destruction and then loss
of all the matter and antimatter in the original reaction.

Well, the same thing can happen with chicks too! A chick-antichick
reaction is when you are with one chick, and all of the sudden,
another chick you are shagging makes an unexpected/unannounced
entrance on you and the first chick. The subsequent result is
usually very much like that antimatter reaction mentionned above,..
lots of energy is suddenly released, there is lots of destruction
and then the loss of both chicks results.

The solution to this of course is containment/isolation, and then
maintaining that isolation/minimizing contact if a breach
occurs.. which is the topic of tonight's field report, as this
is exactly what happened last night with screambabe (see lay
report, last week), and HBgeek, a really sexy but slightly nerdy
chick I was already well into the process (ie. deep kino had already
started) in a bar I was in last night.

Lets look at the story, and how I handled it (the story has a
happy ending BTW (well for me and HBgeek anyways, though not for
screambabe), and how I was able (so far it seems) to use the
incident to INCREASE my stature in the eyes of HBgeek.

HBgeek loves the internet (she is a web designer or something),
27, very sweet & sexy in real life (met her on the web). My fuck
up was to take her to the same place that I took screambabe
before the lay last week (a bar near some fuck hotels). I thought
it was safe, because I knew that screambabe's office, and work
were far from this place, so there was very little possibility
I would run into her (or anyone else I know) by chance there.

HBgeek and I get to the bar, and I am running the "Maniac plan"
as posted last week. We are sitting at the bar, and while I am
in stage "S" (the questions game, already into heavy kino &
handholding, however I had not yet done the KC (was only a couple
minutes away from it actually; fortunately), I get a tap on my
shoulder and turn around.

It is screambabe.. It goes like this:

Screambabe: "am I interrupting the two of you"?
Maniac: "well, yes, actually I am busy right now.."
        (I do not lose my cool, and speak in a very slow assertive
         voice, like nothing special is going on)
Screambabe: "I have been sitting in the back of the bar since you
        came in, and have seen the whole thing"
Maniac: "uh huh, so?"
Screambabe: "you didn't see me, did you?"
Maniac: "no, not at all, in fact I wasn't even looking for you.."
Screambabe: "call me tonight, will you call me tonight?" {angry}
Maniac: "yes, I can call you tonight"
Screambabe: "you better.."
Maniac: "yes I will"
Screambabe: {goes back to her seat at the back of the bar..}
Maniac: {turns to HBgeek sitting next to me at the bar, continue PU}
Maniac: "I dated that chick briefly, but stopped seeing her, though
       unfortunately, she still really likes me, as you can see"
       {social proof gambit here!}
HBGeek: Oh, I see, that is too bad for her"
Maniac: "Yes, well, things just didn't work out between us"
HBGeek: "You should have told her"
Maniac: "I did, but she just doesnt get it" {a total lie}
HBGeek: "Oh well, oh lets get more beer (we order)"
Maniac: "So where were we, oh, right, my turn for a question,
         what kind of house would you like to have if you could
         have what you want? {stage 'V' in the ManiacPlan told be
         HBgeek has golddigging tendencies so I am playing on this)

{more questions, I have stopped all sexual talk/kino.., as now I am
trying to look casual until we either finish our beer, or until
Screambabe leaves the bar, initiating more kino with screambabe
still around could be dangerous}

10 minutes pass.. {screambabe realizes that she didn't freak me
out, that I am not leaving, and her tantrum had NO effect on me at

Screambabe returns to my seat, and starts pinching me (which I
ignore.. I say "hi"). Now screambabe is in a tough spot too, because
I am by the bar, and there is lots of staff around.. it looks
like she is trying to get to me, without getting attention to
herself to get in trouble. Screambabe says "call me" and gives me
a real evil look. Then she hits my shoulder, I ignore, say "talk
to you tonight". Then she hits my shoulder really hard (doesn't
hurt, but the sound of it is really loud in the bar), and she storms

I turn to HBgeek and say "as I said, she really likes me, even

Now I am safe, and I say again "so where were we, your turn for a
question"..question game resumes. When its my turn, I resume full
kino, and go for the KC like I did with the HB orange lay report
last week. I get the KC (kiss close). She then remarks that I
must be an attractive guy to make a girl react like that other
one did, and would I like to start a relationship (HB Geek tells
me she wants to start a relationship with me, as her question
in the question game). I say "me too", we finish our beers, and
go outside and make out.

Now I could probably have taken her to the hotel like I did
screambabe the previous time, but I was worried that screambabe
was hanging out by the hotels ready to cause more trouble, so
I decided to just arrange the fuck this coming Monday at my
place instead, which HBgeek agreed to (she wants to see my
PC's, LAN and learn how to salsa). We tonguedown some more
at the train station (its big, so screambabe cannot find us,
we go to an obscure place), and I say goodnight to HBgeek.


Ok, analysis time. First of all, I was lucky because screambabe
was afraid to talk to HBgeek, and only talked to me. Also, she
did not say anything about being my GF (which I would have told
her she isn't, because I have only met her twice in my life (then
anti easy girl/slut logic would have started and she wouldnt
have contested that). I was also lucky she didn't start throwing
or breaking things, but as I said there was alot of staff around,
and it was obvious she was aware of that. It was also the reason
I decided to NOT leave the bar once I knew she was there, and
rather wait it out, making it look like she didn't phase me at all,
and also avoiding something on the street, where she could have
been much more out of control. As well, to leave would have shown
I was afraid/hiding something, and supplicative.. better to stay
I figure, and make screambabe leave instead, which is what finally

I realize screambabe approached when she did, because we had
just finished (the first) drinks, and she was afraid we would
leave. Also, she was with a guy (looked like an AFC coworker
actually.. harmless), and he was getting tired of this and wanted
to go I think. He was embarrassed about how she was behaving I
think too.

Re: handling HBgeek, I thought "social proof!" and tilted
everything that way. As well, I made sure to not lose my cool,
and not make it look at all to HB geek that anything had happened
of any importance (ie. that that other girl was not important
to me, even though I was obviously important to her!). In some
way, I think this massively increased her respect of me, which
led to the "lets start a relationship" question only 5 minutes
after screambabe walked out the door.

Another thing helped alot too, which was that I was following
a script "ManiacPlan". I totally lost all my concentration each
time screambabe invaded us, but because I could remember where I
was in ManiacPlan, and had the framework memorized, I was able to
go right back to where I left off, and continue. I think this
made a real positive impression on HBgeek, that I just blew off
that other chick, and it look liked it didn't bother me AT ALL,
that I could just continue unphased in spite of what just happened
(though of course inside I was shitting that screambabe would try
something violent, but I didn't show that).

Finally, there was the issue of what screambabe was doing there
to start with. My hunch is that since she was with another guy,
that she was not really stalking me, but just liked the place I
showed her, and decided to take a friend there. To fix this, I
will rotate a few more bars in the selection between chicks,
to reduce the chances of this happening (though I suspect that
one part of the reason she went, WAS to see if I would go back
with a chick).

After saying goodnight to HBGeek and making the monday appt.
at my place, I now had to finish containing screambabe so that
she wouldn't cause anymore trouble. As with anything in
nuclear reactions, the solution is extreme amounts of power and

So I wrote her an email calling her for the bullshit she
tried to pull on me, stalking me, and make her feel that this
was ALL her fault (which it really was), make her feel guilty
for it..etc (I was going to include the message sent in this
post, but seemed I didnt save it).. The goal of the message
was to prevent her from showing up at my place or something like
that and disturbing me yet again.. The note was
written alot in the theme of the Ms. Kinky email I sent when
she tried to give me bullshit about meeting other chicks.

Then, I got a reply back from screambabe today saying that
she misses me now and she would like to meet me (fat chance..).

This actually is the second time this happens to me (first
time was when HBass came knocking on my window at 1am while
I was with energizer babe once night (report in the archives),
and I handled it much the same way. I was able to keep both
chicks after for several months, and still have HB ass even

Look forward to HBgeek.. she is a 9.  ;-)

The end,

Constructive comments/opinions appreciated as usual,

Maniac High