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[HB Brains comes over, breaks down resistance and
finally gets her lay..]

From Thu Oct 21 09:28:16 1999
From: "maniac_high" 
Subject: Lay Report! HB brains learns EXCEL, eats pizza, and gets sucked & fucked!
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 15:08:35 GMT

Lay Report! HB brains learns EXCEL, eats pizza and gets sucked and fucked!

Tonight's chick was HB Brains (see previous report on ASF 
about this chick), the sexy 18 yr old (Maniac is in his early 
30s BTW, but looks like 20s). HB Brain's Rating 9. Pic will 
be in Nathan's lounge later (upload problems now..). 

I met her the night I fucked HB Afro a few weeks ago, after I 
tossed HB Afro out of the house after the fuck, and then went 
to the disco to meet Taro san. See outing report, (tonguing 
down HB brains.or something like that) for the followup of 
the first evening out (after I fucked up, and stood her up by 
accident, and then told a lie so I could see her again..).

After that report, I met her once before out on the town, 
before tonight's fuck evening. Lets start from there and follow 
the story with details. I had a bit of trouble at first with the 
lay, but got through it finally, so comments/suggestions 
welcome, as usual.

Okay, after that first night out, where I did my groundwork 
and tongued her like NYC said. I called her on the phone a 
few times, to keep the `good feelings' from getting forgotten 
(as NYC suggested) as there was a long gap  ( > 1 week) 
between the next time she was free and the previous date. 
This was bad, as in the past, I didn't call the chicks between 
dates, and they would get all frigid the next time I saw them 
again, because they forgot all the good feelings. So this time, 
that wasn't a problem.

I made an arrangement to see her again, but she couldn't 
come over, because she had only 2 hours (she lives like 2 
hours away or something by train), from 7pm to 9 pm to meet 
me. So I took her to another bar (English pub) in that Shibuya 
area where I first PU'd her in the club. I have a tiny PC, so I 
took it with me (it has my dictionary on it, since HB brains 
speaks no english). 

When I met her at that time, I did like Taro san said, hug 
right away, and set the tone for the evening (kissing and 
kino), and kissed her right then again, to get that out of the 
way. I continued the kino in the bar, and made sure to choose 
a seat so I can sit next to her, and not the other side of a table. 
This way , kino is possible. I also loaded up my PC with tons 
of digi-pics from various trips I took. Basically, my 
groundwork was done, and I was just stalling this time to get 
a better date that she had more time I could get her home and 
fuck her. Today wasn't that day, not enough time.  Anyways, 
I showed her the pictures, and talked about the wonders of 
travelling abroad (she never did), a bit like the first evening 
out. That went well, and then we finished, and 1hr left. So I 
thought, remembering she liked math, so I had a crazy idea.

I do stock investing, a lot (not day trading, but buy/hold 
stuff). So I decided to show her how a portfolio works. Now 
this chick is 18, but she is highly intelligent, and HB, and 
likes science, math..etc, so worth a go. She had never seen 
`excel', but was utterly fascinated by it! I was really 

Her eyes totally lit up like geeks in nerd heaven. I spent the 
rest of the time explaining the concept of compounding 
interest to her, and she loved it. [never did that before with a 
chick!] (fortunately the tiny PC has my dictionary, so we 
could also look up words together..that was fun, and I chose 
words like passion, french kiss, and stuff like that to get her 
mind going). I tell her (doing the setup for the fuck date), that 
next time she can come over, and I can show her the "Motley 
Fool" and all sorts of stock investing and trading stuff on the 
internet (she doesnt have internet either).

2 hours is over, we walk back to the station, holding hands, 
kissing. She pays her ticket, we french kiss, she goes.

I call her a few days later she is busy every day except 
Thursday, so I suggest she come over for pizza and math ;-). 
She agrees, and we talk a little bit about how her homework 
is hard ..etc.

I call her every 3 days until the date. The last time I call her, 
we are watching the same TV program, a variety comedy, and 
are laughing about it together on the phone for 15 minutes. I 
tell her see you tomorrow, and we hang up.

Fuck day comes, and I meet her at the station near my house. 
She is on time, and I hug her right away like Taro said, and 
take her hand right away. No problem, though she didn't 
initiate at first, then she got used to it. We head to the house, 
and I do a basic (as best I can in Japanese) our world routine, 
like I did with HB Afro.

We get home, and she is not really intimate, joking, but she is 
only 18, and not really good at the non verbal cues. I find this 
a problem, later in this report, I describe. She is looking 
around, and not paying attention to me in any romantic way, 
but more a `friends' way.bad. Fortunately, though I did my 
ground work, so the kiss wont be hard to recapture. I keep 
holding her hand, we order the pizza. I show her arounf the 
house (usually I just tongue down the girl, and try to fuck her 
when she gets in, but she wasnt showing those vibes AT, cheerful, but cold in that way).

I decide to take her upstairs, and show her investment stuff, 
her eyes light up as I explain what is the concept of earnings 
her share, and stock share ownership.. (I know weird topics, 
but it TURNED ON this chick totally.never saw that before 
in an HB) and my Japanese text books and stuff, and wait for 
the pizza, then we can sit together Japanese style on the floor 
where the table is (Maniac has a Japanese style house), and I 
can start kino again.well, thats the plan.

Pizza comes, and we do just that. I am constantly looking up 
words in the computer dictionary, and kid with her when I 
find a word. The radio is on, and they mention the word 
`kiss'. This is my chance, I take it. I ask her, what are they 
saying, and she says something about lesbian kissing on the 
radio. I go, I see. Is that like normal kiss I ask. She says 
maybe, not sure. There is a word for a lesbo kiss in Japanese, 
and we try to look it up in the dictionary PC. Its not there, but 
`french kiss' is. I ask her , do you know the word `french 
kiss'. She says no.

Okay, let me show you  (SLOP), I give her one. She gets right 
into it, and then she freezes up a bit. Taro gave me an advice 
when this happens, to TELL THE GIRL, "slow down, its too 
fast for me" (this will all be in a report this weekend, I spent 
an evening with Taro san, talking about freak-out evasion, 
and he gave SHITLOADS of good tips..I will post seperately 
that discussion). This takes her back, and lets her feel she is 
not being rushed.  We then sit on the couch from the floor, 
and she says her feet are sleeping. I start to massage them, 
she likes it. I tell her I took a college course in massage 
(really, I did! ;-) ), and I can show her real massage. 

I have a folding futon in the living room (for that purpose), 
and blanket on it (already ready for first-fuck date), and I set 
it up, and lie her down. I give her a good massage. She is 
ticklish on lower back, and ears a bit, that is a problem. She 
likes the massage, but that romantic chick-mood is not 
happening though. She doesn't know much about romance 
yet I guess.too young.

I kiss her a few more times, and go for the neck/tits like I 
usually do,  but gentle, and slow. But she resists, laughs, and 
pulls away, starts saying how I am bad boy, and am good with 
the slick talk (in a good way though). I say "maybe", with a 
smile. But she always stops the kino at that stage each time I 
try. We do more dictionary words, looking up `passionate' 
and `romantic', and trying to find Japanese mean for these, 
and giving lots of examples (with kino as I describe ;-) )

I try a new tack, after a while, I ask her why she likes me. 
And she says, that she has fun with me. She asks me why I 
like her, I tell her she is smart, and pretty. I ask her what she 
likes, and she says `talk'. uh oh.. bad sign.

Then, I do another taro-san suggestion. He said, sometimes 
when you get a freeze up like this, just ask the girl straight 
out, do you want to become GF/BF. Thats gets by the 1 and 
fuck barrier that she (might) want to avoid,  (ie. This kind of 
non-playgirl chick). I do that, and she says she can try (shite-
mitai in Japanese). 

That is good, then we begin a prolonged kissing after that, 
and the barriers now seem to be gone. I lie down with her on 
massage sheet on the floor, and put on `enya'. Lights are still 
on bright. We kiss more, and I kiss her ear, I ask her if she 
likes it, she say yes (I already knew it would be yes, from her 
reaction, but it was a lean in to.), I ask her where else she 
likes..she says `nothing'. I then say, do you like breasts, let 
me kiss you there. She is worried about streching her sweater. 
So I unbutton it, and open the front. I kiss her breast, and 
start sulking on it. Then I kiss her ear, and let my hand 
wander around her legs, and brush her cunt lightly. She 
resists that, and backs away, so I kiss her lips some more, and 
then suck her breasts more, and let my hand wander again 
after a bit, brushing her cunt lightly. No resistance this time, I 
slide my finger up /down in the front,get her more wet, and 
then in. 

Then I just massage her inside with my fingers till she goes 
fucking nuts. Then I tell her I want her. She asks about 
condom, I say no problem. I go up and get the condom (I 
have a set downstairs too, but she was still a bit nervous, and 
might ask, why I already had condoms in the living room, so 
I decided to go upstairs and get them, to make it look 
natural), and come back. Turn down the lights, I lie her 
down, and fuck her.

She has a very sweet sexy 18 y.o. body (pic will be in 
nathan's lounge), but is an inexperienced problem, 
I can teach her ;-). Still good though, we both enjoyed it, she 
is very soft and gentle. After the fuck, I hug/kiss her/finger 
her more (I want her to come back next time!), tell her she is 
`wonderful' (her reward for fucking, as NYC says), get her 
dressed, get her pick, and send her to the train station (I walk 
her there since she didn't do a freak out, and she was nice). I 
ask her if she wants to see me again, she says yes, and then 
talks about how she likes astronomy, and wants to go to the 
stars one day (cool chick eh!, and shes' an HB!).

We kiss some more, she goes to the train, and goes home.

So there you go. Some thoughts. First of all, had I not done 
my ground work, this would have been another `freak out'. 
But since I did groundwork the other two times I saw her, it 
was okay. Also, I joked a lot, and didn't give up when I hit 
walls, was slippery, and tried approach after approach till I 
could get in. Also, I could not use SS, as the chick spoke no 
English, so I had to try other silly approaches like the Excel, 
and the pictures, and the dictionary.worked though.. Maybe 
I was lucky this time.. ;-)

Anyways, young girl, open minded and very cute. I will be 
able to corrupt her totally by the time I am done with her ;-)

Kudos go to:
NYC, for excellent feedback from previous fuckup reports.
Now I am SURE, had I done groundwork right, I could have
FUCKED, Ms sparkles, and Ms. Tubby. Now I KNOW!

Riker, for his good talk with me on the PUA channel today 
about leading and pacing. I paid attention to this today, and 
avoided freak-outs with this chick..

Fucking Awesome you guys!

Constructive Comments/opinions welcome as usual!

Maniac High