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[Chicks who like older men.. Maniac picks up HB Brains, 
an 18 Y.O. HB who he later lays in the following report]

From Sun Sep 26 10:28:38 1999
From: (Maniac High)
Subject: Maniac Outing report! Are you from Texas!?! -- PU'ing HB brains
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 14:39:42 GMT

Maniac Outing report! Are you from Texas!?! -- PU'ing HB brains

Hi all!

Okay, this is the second part of Saturday night's daily reports! 

The first part of Saturday night, I fucked HB Afro for the first 
time (see lay report: The fly who shagged me!). At midnight 
(last train), I toss her out of the house gently (after a whole 
night of fucking), and head over to a disco in Shibuya district 
of Tokyo [people ask me what is Shibuya..I took some 
pictures today of Shibuya, and if I get time, I will put them on 
my public website for everyone to see what the field there 
looks like] to meet Taro-san (one of my wings) and Mr. Cook 
(another wing..he is a restaurant cook, and a reasonable 

So, I get to the disco around 12:30. It is crowded, after last 
train now, so everyone there, is there for the whole night till 
5am when the trains start again.  and. I can't find Taro-
san..anywhere. that sucks for a moment, as I dont know a 
soul around. So the first thing I gotta do is find some new 
wings to PU with. I know Japanese guys are friendly usually, 
so I go around the bar, first trying to pick up some wings. I 
see a table with two guys that look like they could make some 
headway, and one guy is wearing a cowboy hat (this year in 
Tokyo, cowboy/cowgirl style is the absolute rage.its 
everywhere, and I decide to make it part of my PU strategy 

I go up to the guy with big bright glowing eyes.. "ARE 
YOU FROM TEXAS??!?!", Hi! My name is (Maniac)! I am 
from Texas too!  Fuck! Cool man! And shake his hand and 
look like I just met my long lost brother from 25 years ago. 
They all laugh, it is a riot! I ask them how is Nanpa (PU in 
Japanese) going tonight, and they say "shitty" (no kidding, 
they are just sitting down being wall flowers!). 

I say, okay, lets go get some chicks (this is actually the move 
Mr. Smooth first did on me when I met him the very first 
time), and grab one and we all head down to the bar/dance 
area. I find a group of 2 cuties, and do a Smooth introduction. 
It works, generally, but the guys fumble..they are kind of shy, 
and don't hold up their end of the convo (even though they 
are Japanese and I am not. now I understand Smooth when 
he says its hard to find wings who can handle his approach 
right). We blow out, and I then ask the guys, well tell me who 
you like, and I will PU them for you and get you in.

We meet a couple other chicks this way, but they are too shy. 
I tell them that they got to "hit hit hit" like this, and keep 
getting rejected before you get the ones that like you.. They 
dont seem to understand, and then blow out to someplace 

I decide to work alone. I start going around, eying all the 
chicks, and find two I like who are laughing and smiling. I 
just go "hi!, you're not from Texas (no hat)!". She looks 
confused, but then gets the joke, we start talking, I took both 
their hands at the texas intro, so I am still holding them. I 
find out if they speak English (no), and their ages (both 18) 
and if they are students or Office ladies (they are students in 
fashion design). Then do the usual routine (tell me about your 
friend..etc..etc, and yourselves, to get values). One chick, "HB 
brains", is good in math, and seems very mature for her age, 
and is stunningly gorgeous too (a `9' or `10'). She speaks no 
english, but I find she likes adventure, discovering new 
things, and intellectual stuff. She also likes older men 
(Maniac is a lot older than 18!). That is cool. We are getting 
more Kino, but I am attending both of them so no one is 
bored, and we sit down, me in the middle, my arms around 
these two HBs. Other foreign guys in the bar give me a weird 
jealous look because I can speak Japanese and pick up the was funny ;-).

Then Mr. Cook (Taro-san's friend, but I know him too), 
shows up, and I give him the other chick (not HB brains), so I 
can attend to my own chick. Mr. Cook buys them all drinks (I 
will educate him later ;-) ), and he sits down and I continue 
working away at HB brains. She likes a lot of the things I 
like, and we get more kino. I teach her about western culture 
and how we do `bec' kissing on the cheek. She likes this, and 
starts giving me `bec's every time I say something she likes 
(which is often), that is cool. I decide to go for the real thing 
(GROUNDWORK!), but at that moment, her friend drags her 
after Mr. Cook fumbles the other chick. 

I think quick and get her phone number (she obviously likes 
me, but at only 18, she isn't really good at handling her 
obstacle friend yet), and she gives me another bec, and asks 
me my number, and gives me another bec, and she gets 
(literally) pulled away (I have no idea what Mr. Cook did, but 
the second chick obviously didn't like it! ;-), we'll debrief 
later, Mr. Cook doesn't speak English and suck complicated 
stuff is too tiring this late in the night).  [ed note - I called HB 
brains tonight, and made a date with her this Friday..again, 
8pm, drinks, no supper..we talk, drink, then I try to take her 
home and fuck, just like HB afro..thats the plan!].

They see two HBs in the corner, sexy long dress HB, and 
leather bodytight with boots and hat cowgirl HB (VERY 
sweet costume). I go in to the cowgirl chick   "fuck! You're 
from Texas!.. Hey I'm from Texas! Cool!". That gets us in, 
and I take the chicks (both) hands right away, like Smooth 
does. That works, and these chicks are more talkative, so I 
stay in longer this time. I am doing cool with Cowgirl chick, 
but the Mr. Cook is a little shy with longdress HB and I cant 
keep her busy too. I try to keep them both occupied, but then 
its weird with Mr. Cook  standing there being quiet, but 
wanting to break in. The Mr. Cook tryies to drag cowchick 
and HB long dress to the dance floor (ERROR), and they dont 
react well, 
and HB long dress drags cowchick away "to the bathroom".

We go to hit other chicks. We find two more downstairs, Ms 
geek, and basketball friend, and dance. Ms. Geek has no 
social skills, and cant dance, I blow out. Then go to mini-babe 
and dancing head friend. These two chicks were standing 
next to the bar, and one was bouncing her head left and right 
to the music (ie. Dancing with her head only). I go right up to 
her, and do exactly the same thing, and then start laughing 
(neg hit?), and introduce myself, and say she is not bad 
looking so  dancing would be better if she used her whole 
body and not just her head. Her friend laughs, and we get in. I 
go for Ms. Mini babe (an HB), and Mr. Cook goes for 
dancing head. (a 7). Regular talk like all the above chicks, 
getting hand holding and kino. I fuck up though, and move a 
little too fast with the Kino, and she and her friend blow out 
from me and Mr. Cook.

At this point its 5am, and we go home!

So there you go! Constructive opinions/ideas welcome, as 

Maniac High