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[Mrsex4unyc comments on Maniac's date experience with HB Brains]

From mrsex4unyc@aol.comedr4d Sun Oct 10 08:29:32 1999
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Subject: Re: Outing Report! Maniac fucks up, and then recovers (and feels up) HB Brains!
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Date: 04 Oct 1999 14:06:43 GMT

>Outing Report! Maniac fucks up, and then recovers (and feels up) HB
>Here I fuck up, and think I meet her on Satuday. So I go out 
>sarging with Mr. Lager on Friday, and she gets stood up, and 
>waits for around half an hour before giving up, and making 
>the 2 hr trip home.

hahahaha OOPS!  :)

>When I get back home that night, I check my calandar, and 
>realize I was supposed to meet HB Brains TONIGHT! Not the 
>next day. Now I decide what to do. Usually, I would call and 
>apologize  (an AFC move I think), and then she's spew at me, 
>and then tell me she'll call me sometime when she is free 
>again (which is usually never).
>So tonight I decided to try something different. I call her up 
>and "confirm" our meeting on Saturday. She says (sounding 
>surprised) that she thought it was tonight. I say, "NO, it is 
>tomorrow, 8pm, as we agreed on the phone last weekend, and 
>I expect you to come". She is totally deflated now, and she 
>can't blow up at me. She asks to change it to 6pm because she 
>has to be home early that night and she apologizes some 
> I agree (normally I wouldn't, but I know I fucked up, 
>and it is entirely possible she has a real appt at 8pm, so I let it 

sweeeeet recovery.  actually better than I expected  :)  I thought you were
going for "I thought it was saturday, not friday... sorry... let me make it up
to you"  but sticking to your guns was excellent.  very bold move... altering
reality  :)  it is easier for you since you don't speak each other's language,
but still really nice.

>The next day, she shows up, looking great, and apologizes 
>again for "her" fuckup. I accept her apology, `tisk tisk' her on 
>the hand for it, and then keep holding her hand. I ask her if 
>she ate (no..she says.).. not surprised, she was on a train for 
>2 hrs,, again ;-) . I take her to the same bar that I took HB afro 
>to. I like that place, because you can sit next to the chick and 
>get kino right away without a table separating you from her. 
>We order drinks, and a few plates of bar food.

good deal.  it is STILL her fault, but you don't mind it and let's move on to
the real stuff.  good move on the kino spot too.  tables impede your work...
also she WANTS to feel you on her, so if you can sit with her during dinner
instead of sitting across from her, she can get hot while you fluff.

>I also have a very small PC, and keep a bunch of photos on it 
>(my house/family, friends, trips), so I showed her all of those. 
>That is nice as the screen is small and you have to get really 
>close together to see the pictures clearly, and I described each 
>one, and what I found/felt at that time. That worked, and is 
>now at the limits of my Japanese. At this point, I am also 
>massaging gently behind her ears, and she really likes that, as 
>well as other places. I ask her how it feels good and she says 
>"yes", it is.

I have to admit that digital-camera / laptop PC with pictures thing is really
great!  pictures are TRULY worth a thousand words.  I had a chick come over and
I left her a picture album while I went to another area.  I kept hearing WOW as
she was seeing me in places she has never been (like football stadiums and
skiing in vermont)  just seeing the pictures was like being there for her, PLUS
she saw me as ABOVE other guys she knows beacause I go places and do things.  I
am not limited to this city by any means.  I do what  I want to do when I want
to do it AND with several chicks that are MORE attractive than her and LESS
attractive than her.  more attractive = "don't think I need you" and less
attractive = "you have a chance to be with me... if you play your cards right!"

>I ask her what her parents think of her, and she says "party too 
>much!". I also ask her who she thinks is prettier, her or her 
>older sister.. she says "me" (yep, a budding HB.bitch shield 
>in development, but not complete yet ;-)  )  I also ask her what 
>she likes to cook (setting up the come over home date), and 
>she says she is bad. She suggests how about if I cook 
>something. I reply, we'll do something together.. She says 
>`ok'.  We talk a little more, ..We stay in the bar about 45 
>minutes, and then we go.


>Re: paying for food, this time I make an exception, and pay.. 
>Why? Because I found out during the talk, that she doesn't 
>have a job as she is a full time student (first year) living with 
>her folks. Most other chicks at least have a part time job, 
>which she doesn't because HB brains studies really hard in 
>school and she just turned 18. I was afraid that if I make her 
>pay, she might be afraid to come out the next time because it 
>is too much money for her . She offers though at the checkout, 
>which is nice, so she is not like HB hotpants was ;-)

the fact that she OFFERED is much more important than making her pay.  the fact
that she was PREPARED to pay is more important here.  the same thing later when
she buys her own ticket.  she could have told you some bullshit about paying
for her to go home.  any chick worth ANYTHING is going to have enough money to
get herself into and out of situations.

you HAD to pay this time for several reasons.  you didn't want her to feel like
going out with you was going to cost her money every time.  she is ALREADY
PAYING TO SEE YOU by taking the train.  she is paying in money and TIME out of
her life.  2 hours each way?  show her a good time as a REWARD for the
sacrifices she is making to come see you.  make it worth her while.  she is a
student.  you remember being a student, right?  NO MONEY!  you don't want her
to think "I can't go out with him because I need to save up for..."  NOPE.  you
are not going to hook her with money anyway.  you can't... her parents pay for
everything including the roof over her head.  your money means SHIT!  plus she
is a GOOD student... she will be making her own money soon.  you can't treat
her like the HBs that have only looks going for them and NO EARNING POTENTIAL.

for me it depends.  I will feel out a student FIRST, then I will decide if I
want the burden of dating her.  if I don't, I keep it to things that are free
(rollerblading, going to the park...) or let her know that I'm not paying for
shit and if she doesn't like that, she can go.  otherwise, I will pay for
dinner or a movie or whatever... but NOT frivolous bullshit like "oh... buy me
that thing in the window" or "buy me flowers"  or ANY TYPE BULLSHIT LIKE THAT! 
as long as it is an expense that involves us having fun and a great time
together, I will absorb it as long as I have decided that's the right thing for
me to do.  some chicks don't appreciate and it does you no good to pay for
shit.  recognize that and lay down the law.

I won't do that for nothing though.  you hook students with experiences and
good times... NOT money.  chicks that have jobs and income deserve NOTHING
because they are responsible for their own lives.  even if a student has a
part-time job, I know that she works MUCH HARDER for her money than I do. 
paying for her to have dinner with me gives her a great feeling and it is a
gift from me to her, not a supplication... also, she will REMEMBER why she has
the money in her purse that she has there.  she gets to buy that new miniskirt
because YOU paid for her meal and entertainment for the night.  she will
remember you when she buys it and when she wears it.

feel free to pay for shit for students and poor chicks... just be sure to get
your money's worth out of it.  not in the fashion of "I paid so you have to
fuck now" but make sure that while you are paying money, you are demonstrating
so much value to her that you are in a position where she sees you as ABOVE
other guys... not for your ability to pay, but because you treated her like she
wanted to be treated and showed her a great evening.  you don't have to repeat
your performance EVER AGAIN!  just let her know that you CAN treat her like
that if she is willing to be YOUR WOMAN... or at least one of them :)

>Then I ask her the RJ question "How do you know you have 
>gotten a new BF/new relationship (so I can learn what to do 
>with this chick". I find out then, how little Japanese I know; I 
>cannot construct this sentence right, and she doesn't get it at 
>all. I try to gesture to her it, and its funny, but still doesn't get 
>it. So I just say "lets kiss", and I get a "bec". I say, no , I want 
>a REAL one.. She dives in, and stays in for a little while.

how do you know you have a new boyfriend?  when his dick's in her mouth?  what
kind of question is that?  or did you paraphrase?

>After that, she backs off, and doesn't want to kiss anymore (I 
>suspect 18yrs of inexperience are starting to come into play 

never suspect SHIT!  analyze the situation.  what is different now from before?
 who came in? who sees her? what did you do? what did she do? how is she
feeling?  once you start suspecting shit (when the action is on) you travel
down roads of your own creation that have nothing to do with what is really
going on.  STAY IN THE GAME!

>Once I see that isn't working, I take her to the dance 
>floor, and we hang on to each other, but she is a little chilly 
>still, but kino is good.

great.  change venues.  talking, holding and kissing TO dancing.  change the
atmosphere and attack from a new direction. the only thing you didn't change is
seclusion.  some chicks WILL NOT PERFORM IN PUBLIC!  get them in the park
bushes however... and it's ON!  you're still in public... but NO ONE CAN SEE

>I try to kiss her again, not working at 
>all. Also, she cant dance worth shit.. She "bounces" too much, 
>and when we are holding each other, I get shaken all over the 
>place ;-). We do this for a while, and kino is good, but kissing 
>not going well. Finally, I just ask her straight out again like 
>the first time, but no go (I know, AFC move, but I thought 
>maybe she is just inexperienced, and wants you to ask). Kino 
>dancing for a while, touching ears, putting hands over tits (no 
>resistance), ass..etc.. no problem.. she likes it

asking sucks dude  :(

>It is now 10:30, and she has to start to go home (she told me at 
>the beginning that she is going with her family to a sushi party 
>the next morning, so she has to be home that evening) as last 
>train in her area is 12:30 and she has to catch it. 

what happened to her 8:00 appointment?

>I go out with her, and on the way back to the station. Out side 
>the bar, I thank her for coming (I decided, if I get a kiss, I will 
>walk her to the station, if not, I will blow her out). She says 
>she has a nice time, I try to kiss her, and no resistance, tongue 
>down begins.. thats good. I start walking with her. A few 
>minutes I just stop her and tongue her down 
>problem (this is getting better). We get to an intersection near 
>people, and she doesn't want to kiss (too many people she 
>says). .. 

see what I mean... in the club = people = no action.  outside = fewer people =
action.  intersection = people = no action.

did you ever consider that maybe she rode a train for 4 HOURS in one day to get
LAID?  next time fucking ISOLATE HER and fucking MAKE IT WORTH HER WHILE!  :)

let her know you appreciate what she does to come and see you and REWARD HER
with a good fucking.

>We cross, get to the station, she gets (and pays for) 
>her own return ticket, I tongue her down some more (no 

she should have paid for it just like that BITCH you went out with a long time
ago should have paid for her bus fare.  you don't need any chicks that you have
to treat like your children.

>resistance) and tell her I'll call tomorrow to set the next 
>meeting. She goes through the ticket gates, and leaves, but 
>doesn't look back at me (strange, considering the following 

awwwwwww she didn't wook baaack awwwwwww

what is this?  a MOVIE?  hahahaha so what she didn't look back.  there you go
SUSPECTING again.  chicks are ALIKE but not THE SAME.  if 9 chicks look back at
you and the 10th doesn't... mark it down as s a FACT and move on.  stop making
it mean something.

>It turns out she is busy every day, expect next Sunday, but I 
>cannot see her than, because I am shagging another chick that 
>day. So we agree on the Tuesday night the week after this 

ok now... she is planning A WEEK IN ADVANCE to travel 4 HOURS to see you and
you'd BETTER make it worth her while.  ALSO... do your groundwork over the
phone.  talk sex up to her so you know what your game plan is when she comes on
kissing you she KNOWS that you want to fuck her.

make this date the MAKE DINNER AT MY PLACE date!

>Now, my thoughts are that this is very bad, because usually, 
>when there is such a gap in meeting a chick between dates, she 
>loses all the good feelings from the time before, and its really 
>hard to recover. When it takes more than 1 week between 
>times I meet a chick, my success ratio goes WAY down I find 
>in my records. (opinions on this guys?).

what do you want her to do?  skip classes for YOU?  miss her education for YOU?
 that's why I stay away from chicks that have too much scheduled in their lives
like work and school and ESPECIALLY KIDS!  when I get into a new woman, I want
to see her every day for maybe a week, then cool out into a fucking-friendship.
 that see you next tuesday shit is fucked up :)  she is busy.  she has plans
for the future. you HAVE to accomodate her schedule OR go to her so she doesn't
have that time factor involved.  see that?  that's what I was saying about
paying for her.  you pay for her = she doesn't have to worry about making
enough money to date you before she comes out.  you going to see her = she
doesn't have to pick a day when she has 4 hours of train time to spare.  I am
not SUGGESTING that you go see her at all.  I am just saying that the distance
is a factor in her decision-making process.

>So when I meet her, I 
>may have to take her to a bar first, to get her kino and relaxed 
>again, BEFORE taking her to my place, as I am afraid for a 
>`freak out' if I take her over, and then try to get all the feelings 
>back to where they were when I last saw her.

d-o  y-o-u-r  g-r-o-u-n-d-w-o-r-k  o-v-e-r  t-h-e  p-h-o-n-e!

stop fucking shooting in the dark!  unless you like it like that  :)  I
personally don't like dating at all.  I find prepared meetings to be boring and
contrived.  I like to meet women on the fly and make it happen wherever I am. 
the thrill for me is in the hunt... not in everyday dating.  I LIKE shooting in
the dark  :)  I like not knowing what she's going to do and having to recover
and regroup.  the game is FUN for me.  having an ENTIRE WEEK to mentally sarge
a chick and throwing that away to GUESS "is she going to fuck next tuesday" is
DUMB to me.  I wouldn't do it.  what if you meet  a chick on monday that wants
to fuck on tuesday?  are you going to turn down a sure thing for a ???  NO
because you already did it.  you already blocked her out for a SURE THING.  so
find out if this chick wants to be your SURE THING.  that doesn't mean she is
going to give it up when she gets in your face, but at least she has SAID she
has plans to fuck!

>Well, there you go. Thats the story so far on HB brains.. 
>Some other comments about this particular chick. Firstly, she is
>really naive about the dating game. I sense she is really 
>inexperienced (might even be a virgin! dunno, should have asked
>actually, and kidded her about this...will do next time), so
>there wasn't all the chick bullshit you usually get when you
>meet them. An example is the kiss thing. I could tell she was
>trying to follow certain 'rules', but I think she just didn't
>know what those 'rules' were.. I got her laughing alot, and
>kino, and tonguing down alot at the end, so that is all good.
>I would have brought her back then, if the time thing wasn't
>a problem.. (my fuckup, probably had I met her Friday night
>instead, as we had planned, she wouldnt have had to go home
>early, since I think she had planned it that way..)

you're probably right.  chicks PLAN to see guys on nights when they KNOW they
can stay over if they need to.  think about it.  if her parents think she
parties too much, that means she often STAYS OUT ALL NIGHT!