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Book_guy introduces PU games!
Orchestra game, Road of life, Cube, Favorite Animal

From Thu Nov  2 11:35:23 2000
Subject: Re: More like "4 questions" game?
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 17:47:44 GMT

Couple of mind games I've used before.

1. If you could be in an orchestra which instrument would you 
be. (Note, not which instrument does she play, if she plays one. 
Which one would she BE.) Why? What makes you attracted to that 
one. Shiny, loud, quiet, quaint, etc. Use adjectives.
[Maniac Note: the above game is in Kokology book]

2. You're travelling along a path or road. Imagine the 
surruondings - nature, setting, highway, path, street, etc. 
(your path in life). How are you travelling - car, wagon, 
walking, etc. (your "speed" in life, attitude, people you take 
along with you, partner). You come to a body of water 
(sexuality). You cross it (how you accept sexuality). You come 
to a barrier (challenges of finding a calling). How do you cross 
it (obvious). You come to a dwelling (your view of marriage and 
partnership). [note - if riding a horse or car, make sure you 
involve the vehicle in the opening of the door somehow - YOU are 
the horse she will ride, so get her to ride the horse through 
the front door or something!] The door is locked, how do you get 
in - key under mat, window, break it in, etc. (your view of how 
partners have initiated). What's inside (further view of 
partnership). What's out the back window (rewards of 
partnership). There are flowers, what are they like - color, 
size, number, where are they (children).

All this is pretty much off-the-cuff. I'm sure a real psych 
major could do a better job with it.

3. The cube, as best I can remember. You're in a desert (life) 
and you see a cube (life's challenges). Big and white means 
stuff, as does small and green or whatever. There's water 
(sexuality) and flowers (children) and a horse (partner) and a 
ladder or steps (how you solve the cube) and something inside 
the cube (rewards).
[Maniac Note: details are in 'Secrets of the Cube' book]

With all of these, it's important to elicit great detail in her 
descriptions. In 2, for example, don't let her get away with 
"garden path." Ask, is it brick, is it cement, are there hanging 
pots and plants, is it winter or summer, etc etc. Then just 
interpret as you see fit, like according to handwriting analysis 
or the Tarot deck. Build a narrative, look deeply in her eyes, 
tell her she as "intuited" something very deep and meaningful. 
Await doggy-dinner-bowl look. Move in for kill.

4. What is your favorite animal, describe it with three or four 
simple adjectives - tall, furry, black, fast, or whatever 
(self). What is the animal you'd best like to have, if you could 
own a private zoo complete with zookeeper and expensive 
cage/tank, which you would most like to own (how others see 
you). What is your favorite normal domestic animal - use the 
word "domestic", not the word "pet" - (how she views 
partnership). What is your favorite pet (how she views sex).

Note the difference between partnership and sex. If she has two 
very similar animals for domestic and pet, then link the two. 
Tiger and kitten: "hmm, I see that you view partnership as a 
grown up, larger, more important version of sex" heheheh. If 
they're radically differet, then differentiate: "hmm, Tiger 
Shark and Giraffe. I see that partnership is going to be a 
challenge for you but that sexuality is something you are free 
to have without excess partnership baggage." heheheh.

With all these, ya gotta extemporize. Just string a narrative 
together. Be interested in her "new self-awareness". And 
remember all those trance-words as they come through. Hundreds 
and hundreds of them. Look for tactile cues, as well, in item 4 
- furry, fun to pet, wet ... heheheh.


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