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Other excellent comments about HB Blitz story!

From Sat Sep 18 13:40:11 1999
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Subject: Re: Profile Report! Maniac meets the chick logic HB BLITZ!
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story snip:

Hey maniac;
Several things occur to me as distinct possibilities, but I'm willing
to bet that fetish and trauma bonding intersect to create the
phenomenon you see before you.
You haven't mentioned whether or not this woman is from a strict,
abusive, or loving family , but I'm sure thats the template for what
has followed. 
This woman obviously seeks humiliation repeatedly. What I don't know
is whether she finds it to be painful in an erotic satisfying way or
in a soul sucking life draining way. My suspicion is that there are
elements of both. if this guy is willing to humiliate her outside of
the bedroom what goes on on the inside?
Whether recreational (enjoyed) or compulsive and painful(not enjoyed),
humiliation of this kind ultimately points to a victim/victimizer
dynamic that probably has occurred for this woman since earlyu on,
initially within the mythology of her own family.
I'm willing to bet this same woman would out and out reject any guy
who actually treated her with respect. Naturally, this humiliation
prevents her from having to deal with her own weaknesses or cruel
tendencies on any kind of a conscious level, so participation is a
safety valve that will assure an ever child like state when it comes
to sexual relations. Ever read "The story of "O" "?


From Sat Sep 18 13:34:50 1999
From: Ned Ragdnuos 
Subject: Re: Profile Report! Maniac meets the chick logic HB BLITZ!
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 16:35:35 -0700
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   once HB blitz has fallen for BF playboy,
   she'll try to 'change/fix' him in some way, e.g.
   maybe he's an alcoholic, or is emotionally unavailable, or whatever.
   now, once he's got her hooked, he'll say he 'really wants to change',

   and the more she trys to change him, the more he doesn't change,
   so he remains an eternal challenge.
   having all these other women chasing him only adds to the challenge,
   because she has less time to be with him to change him.

   so ask her what she most wants to change about him, just out of
   curiosity. this is shortcut to get you to her higher desire.
   now since all you want to do is meet the guy and study his style,
   set yourself up as an agent of change, someone who has
   been able to make such changes in friends who were similarly
   'stuck' or whatever, so she'll want you to meet him.