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BJ Report!

If you make them respect you, they will get down for you! 

From Fri Mar  3 06:29:34 2000
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From: joe 

Two weeks ago I #closed this chick who had a class next to my morning
lecture. We used to sit outside waiting for class to clear out before we
go in and we'd chit chat. Finally I got off my ass and did something
about it
and after a little fluff talk, I was able to get her number. I set
something up
for that Friday. Basically, I just wanted to do something easy and
casual since
the golden rule is to not date anyone you're not already fucking, but
wanted to go see Scream 3. I said that sounds fine and that I'll go with
ya to
see that. Now this is where I nearly lost my cool. She says "What? You
you're not gonna take me to see it?? What kinda gentleman are you??" I
fell outta my chair when I heard that bullshit. Summoning every ounce of

strength I had, I managed to keep my cool while at the same time tearing
head off in the nicest possible way about what she said. Basically I
told her
that I resent what she had just said and that I don't think that because
wasn't gonna pay for her etc. etc. that it makes me less of a gentleman.
I had
her groveling for my forgiveness. You know it's amazing how many times
think you'd just be digging yourself in deeper by standing up for
yourself but
it turns out in your favor. I guess women have us programmed to feel
some kinda
guilt about not letting them have their way.
Well, after all that, Friday comes around. Of course I do the usual
clean up so my place looks presentable. Nothing is worse than things you

control stopping you from scoring. She wanted me to come pick her up,
but I
declined. I dunno if that could be considered supplication, but the main
I declined was so that if things weren't turning out how I wanted, it
would be
easy enough to boot her out and I wouldn't have to drive her back. Maybe
wasn't a good idea since it also gives her an easy way of leaving my
place too,
but I didn't really think about that. Any thoughts on that guys?
Anyways, when
she got here, she tried to pull some shit about how the bank had screwed
account and that she didn't have any money at the time (maybe it was
true but I
think it was bullshit) so she couldn't pay for her ticket. I got kinda
about it, but didn't show it. So I turned it into well lets just stay
here and
watch a movie (I have quite a collection) instead of going out. She
agreed, but
I could tell she wanted me to volunteer to take her to the movie. Blah
blah and things progress to a little kino. She's sitting in my lap on
the couch
as we watch a movie. I'm playing with her tits and she's rubbing my
thigh. Next
thing you know I'm on top of her. After a few minutes of getting on her,
stops. She pulls out the bullshit line of "Oh I'm more respectable than
that. I
don't do that sort of thing on the first date" God I hate that! Well I
sorta sat there for a minute looking intentionally confused. She asks if
upset or if something's wrong. I said yeah what the hell did you pull
that for?
I said "I know you didn't come over here to sing a song by the campfire,
so how
come you can't be honest with your own desires?" She still pulls that
respectable bullshit and I just looked at her and sighed. Strange thing
when she came over, she brought an overnight bag with her. That told me
should be looking for some action. Well I just gave her the cold
shoulder for a
little while until she started working again for my attention. Then she
me if she could stay the night over here, but I would have to promise
not to
try anything on her. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SHIT?!?!?!?!? This is about
the most
bizzare thing I've encountered in awhile, but hey I've seen worse. I
told her
that I'm not promising anything like that because that's just ridiculous
Then I decided to deliver the ultimatum. I figured if I asked her to
then she would either leave, or quit bullshitting around and get to the
Well, she reluctantly agreed, but kept stalling as she would keep trying
to get
on me. Finally she's gone!
She called me every day last week, and this weekend tried to make plans
me. Since I'm on the control end now(as I prefer) I decided to play the
hard to
get game. It wasn't too hard of a decision to make. I had some other
to see and I also hadn't been out drinking with the boys in a while, so
kinda outweighed fucking around trying to get any from this girl, so I
told her
I was busy all weekend. Damn this girl doesn't give up. Well, last
night, she
called me up as I was about to go to bed. After a heavy drinking
naturally sundays aren't too good for me feelings wise. I sure was in
bad shape
last night. Anyways, just for shits and giggles, I told her I was horny
and she
should come over and gimme head hehe. She kinda laughed and thought I
joking. Says "What do I get out of it." I just ignored it. I told her if
wasn't gonna come over and gimme head, that I had to get some sleep
since I had
class in the morning. She just sorta laughed and said ok well bye. I
hung up.
15 minutes later guess who's slobbin' the knob over at my place!?!? That
better than I thought. Next time I'll remember to have higher demands.
that's it for the long field reports. As always, any constructive
criticism is
appreciated. Later

Newbie PUA