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Good way to see if she has a BF, and how she feels about him!

From: "Old Dog" 
Subject: Re Maniacs Post on: Don't ask "Do you have a boyfriend" ?
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 20:15:42 GMT
Subject: Re: Don't ask "Do you have a boyfriend" ?


> Opinions?

   In my-pre SS days when my PU was based solely on the sales call model,
   I almost always qualified the chyck regarding this.    But, IME, you can
  do a lot better than just asking what her living arrangements are.

  I have a question that has never failed to elicit the key information
   re: whether she has a BF but, critically for deciding whether
  to continue the sarge, what her *attitude* toward the
   relationship, if any, is.

   It's based on the fact that  *all* women know, on a day to day
   basis, how they feel about the state of a relationship that they're in.
   And since the presupp appeals to their vanity, I've never,
   in over 20 years, had a woman decline to answer.

   Here's the qualifying question I ask:  "You seem really nice Debbie.
   I hope that your boyfriend appreciates you".

   They give four types of answers:

    1)   She'll beam and say "Oh yes, he's terrific and appreciates me

    2)   She'll give a hesitating "Yes", but won't elaborate.

    3)   She'll say "Yeah, I do but NO, the schmuck/jerk/etc. doesn't
          appreciate me.

     4)   I don't have a boyfriend.

   For me, the response to 1) is a "Smart guy.  Enjoy your evening"

    For 2), and 3) the borefriend destroyer pattern is the next step.

    For 4), it's usually the "What's important to you in a man?" question.

  Nowadays, I may not ask the question early on.  After establishing
  rapport, I'll just do some patterning and see how she responds
  and go with that.  I need the pattern language practice anyhow and it's
  fun.  But, in some instances, I'll still put the above question to her
(like if her response to the SS tech is weak) since it's proven itself to
  be so reliable for so long.  It's saved me a *lot* of what  would
 otherwise have been wasted time (not to mention $) over the years.
  BTW the rate of "false positives" i.e. she answers that she has a BF
  and a great relationship with him but aint so) seems to be very low.

   Old Dog

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