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What do to when she says "I have a boyfriend"..

A chick usually only says this for one of two

Case 1)
She really has a BF, likes you but doesn't want to 
feel guilty about cheating on her BF. This is classical 
"chick logic" at work here and is good, because it 
means you are on your way to a fuck, even in spite of 
the BF... Basically this happens because she thinks that
if she tells you about the BF now, she can relax and let
you you fuck her anyways, since its "not her fault now" 
that she fucked you, because, she *did* tell you about 
the boyfriend, and you ignored it, ie. she "had no 
choice in the matter".

Case 2)
She may (or may not) have a BF, but is feeling not 
secure and defensive so threw this up to slow you down. 
This is different than the above situation in (1). Here 
you got to get her to relax and like you more and then 
continue.. Read more on this below in mrsex4unyc's 

Before that, a good comeback when you ask a chick her
number, and she says "I have a BF"... Say "I didn't
ask *HIM* out, I asked *YOU*...  now, the number..."

This will usually throw a chick off, and you can then
get the phone number...

Okay, NYC's comments on the topic..

Subject: Re: How to indirectly ask about boyfriend? 
Date: 1999/07/28 
Author: MrSex4uNYC  
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>What is the desired outcome? To fuck her.
>Why should you bother whether she has a boyfriend? Many
>girls _always_ have someone they can call a boyfriend.
>But ... but ... they can find a better one! As Ross
>would say.
>So here's a 3 step scenario:
>1 - don't ask about BF.
>2 - seduce her.
>3 - fuck her.
>Possibly, a fourth:
>4 - get her to dump him for you.
>In any case, if she's happy with him she will let 
>you know early enough in phase 2.
first of all FORGET ABOUT whether she has a BF.  if she does and 
she doesn't want you, she will TELL YOU HERSELF!  make no mistake, 
she hasn't forgotten about him until you bring the guy up.  she's 
seeing if she likes you more. 
I started dating a girl I had LJBF'd and I told her that the only 
reason I waited so long was that she told me when we met that she 
had a boyfriend.  she was still seeing the guy when I started 
screwing her.  she said "normally when I see a guy that I like, 
I tell him I'm single"  see what I mean.  she told me she had a 
boyfriend and is STILL sexing me AND admitted to me that she only 
has a boyfriend when it's necessary to back a guy off.  when she 
is in front of a guy she wants, she acts like she doesn't have a 
boyfriend at all. 
the other points are correct also.  a boyfriend is an obstacle to 
the desired outcome: fucking her.  you may or may not have to deal 
with this.  in my case, I have noticed that chicks do what they 
want to when they want to.  all YOU have to do is get them to 
believe they want you to fuck them and it's on. boyfriend or no 
boyfriend :)
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Subject: Re: If she says she has a boyfriend.... 
Date: 1999/07/15 
Author: MrSex4uNYC  
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>I usually just say "Figures" and follow up with a few compliments and a
>boy-I'm-glad-I-didn't-ask posture (not supplicating, but knowing). 
>That's if I asked her about her status.
I always delay asking about boyfriends.  I ask about other things 
first. normally, in the course of a conversation, a chick can tell 
that you are NOT just talking to her to waste time.  you are after 
fucking her and it becomes her job to become receptive or fend you 
off.  if she decides to fend you off, she will come up with a 
boyfriend interjection, like you mention later.  this may or MAY 
NOT be true.  don't take bitches' word that they are "taken".  it 
is often a nervous reaction that they have since they can't figure 
out the BEST thing to do, they hide behind what NORMALLY scares 
guys off.  the trick is keying in on their demeanor and their eyes 
when they say they have a boyfriend. their bodies ALWAYS betray 
them, so make sure you are looking at her face AND body when she 
says this.  some chicks, you can tell they mean that they are 
CONTENT with their boyfriends and are not entertaining sex with 
anyone else. some chicks, you can tell that they only want a 
RELATIONSHIP with their boyfriends, but are willing to FUCK YOU if 
you can stand having no strings attached and perhaps not even her 
number so you can call her in the future (normally she says she 
LIVES with her boyfriend to hide her number).  Whether she has a 
boyfriend or not is IRRELEVANT... UNTIL you decide you are going 
to fuck her.  Then you either need to bring him up and press her 
for the information where her relationship is lacking OR make her 
recall her boyfriend and how good he makes her feel and usurp the 
feelings for yourself. 
Either way, a "boyfriend" is merely a change in the game, like 
playing football against 15 players instead of 11.  the game is 
the same though.  chicks operate on FREE WILL.  as long as you 
can get them to BELIEVE that they want to fuck YOU, that's it!  
boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, religion, NOTHING COUNTS if you 
can make her BELIEVE she wants you deep inside her... NOW!
>If she injects the boyfriend into the conversation unsolicited, a neg may
>be in order, or a simple diversion to whether or not she plans to marry
I like the are you getting married to him angle a lot.  the first time 
I used it I was surprised at the ADAMANT denial of marrying her 
boyfriend :)  after that, I always use it if I decide NOT to bring 
him up and get her to talk about him favorably.
Another thing I like to use if she is DEFENSIVELY bringing up her 
boyfriend is "so where is he tonight?"  If she doesn't have a good 
excuse like he is working late because he is a stock trader, I play 
her into a "he's cheating on you right now" mentality.  chicks 
can't stand that.  PLUS they have to carry this with them from now 
on.  I break down their BELIEF in what their boyfriend TELLS THEM 
he has to do.
me: so where is your boyfriend tonight?
her: he had to stay late to prepare for a meeting tomorrow
me: he stays late at work every night?
her: no, only on tuesdays because the staff meeting is wednesdays 
her: what
me: hahaha my boy used to call his girlfriend from my house to say he 
    was working late...
her: and?
me: well, nothing... then we would hit the strip clubs!  boy 
he was a horny guy... he used to put the dollars in the 
strippers' g-strings with his teeth and blah blah blah blah 
blah blah blah then he would drop me off and go home to fuck 
his girl HAHAHAHA what a sucker!  :)
whether they believe me or not is irrelevant because they don't know 
me and they don't know my "friend" that used to do this.  all they do 
know is that they now have an alternative version of what their man 
is doing tonight and every night that he is not with her.  after 
that sinks in, I talk about wasting time and wasting your life and 
passing up opportunities to do what you REALLY WANT TO DO just because 
of some bullshit you told someone one day, like "I am only going to 
fuck you" when they are out doing whatever they want.  then I bring 
up chicks that got cheated on and how stupid they felt when they were 
telling me about how they got played :)
you can see how it just strings along and breaks their BELIEF in 
their man. adding the effects of alcohol, you often get a flirtatious 
effect from the chick deciding to "get him back for cheating" when he 
was at work the whole time :)
>Personally, I find pursuing taken women to be lame and low-percentage,
>but Ross touts his "boyfriend destroyer" pattern.
it is lame as far as seduction goes, but there is much skill involved.  
the trick is to stay fluid and change your style according to the way 
the game changes before your eyes.  if she doesn't have a boyfriend, 
that implies that she is available (will take anybody) OR very picky 
(won't take anybody)  if she does have a boyfriend that means she is 
committed (won't fuck anybody) OR using him for security (will fuck 
YOU, but that's as far as it goes... no relationship, just fun for 
her)  you can see how it is irrelevant whether she has a boyfriend 
or not.  what IS relevant is how she feels about herself and what she 
wants out of this night, right now and what she wants out of her 
future.  figure it out and change yourself into the man she wants to 
fuck her tonight.  it's not very complicated after you elicit her