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Maniac - Basic training - review

From Sun Sep 12 00:43:37 1999
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Subject: Maniac - Basic training - review
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Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 11:10:20 GMT
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Hi all,

A couple things I tried tonight (which I devoted to basic nanpa
techniques, and trying new approaches on throw away chicks I met
in clubs tonight).

Two notables:

-The NYC technique, and an AFC loses $25.
First, I went to a bar. I did a NYC style, stand next to the
chick wiggling her ass, and watch it gyrate. This worked, and
they PICKED ME UP! But get this! First, while I was watching
the chick gyrate, some AFC came up to the girls (about 5 chicks),
and went straight to the ultra tight jeans super thin Korean HB
and ignored the others obstacles, and then...BOUGHT THEM ALL DRINKS!
(price $25). Behind his back, they all looked at him like what
a supplicating loser. I just laughed when I saw the move, and they
saw me laugh too. After he brought the drinks, he got blown out
shortly after. Thats when they looked at me watching them gyrate, and
they brought me in the circle. I instantly went kino with the
chick that brought me in (not the HB), and paid attention to all
of them, and then eventually got to the Korean HB and was doing
the dirty dancing with her on the dance floor.. Price to me!  $0!

And I got to put my paws all over all the chicks, where as AFC
just lost $25 and got....NOTHING! 

Point 2:
-Telling chicks I have a GF. Usually, when a chick asks me if I
had a GF, I would say something like I broke up 6 or 8 weeks
ago. TOnight, I just told all the chicks when I got asked, that
I already had a GF, but didn't really imply that I was so serious
about her. (Not?) surprisingly, the chicks did not run away from
me, but rather got a little jealous and inquisitive, now knowing
they had competition. Obvious, but interesting to see it play out
in real life. I wouldnt say this to a chick that wanted a 
relationship and is not so self confident (ie. boat chick), but
with Ms. Tubby, that would have been a better approach actually.
From now on I will do that with those types of chick.

-I borrowed a tip from Mystery's page that I put on my site (see
guys, I actually made the site for myself, to make it easier to
look stuff up for ME! But you can all use it too!). This would
have worked with Tubby. He said to go the for the Kiss close, first
to ask, and then anything but a blatant NO, and go for the kiss.
This works in situations where it is not clear that the chick is
in the right mood, or things are just not going well. THen if
the reply is no, Mystery goes "Gee, you sure wrecked a moment,
I bet your previous BFs must have really hated that about you..."
A good neg. I used it on a chick, after I didn't get a positive
response. The reply shocked her out of her fucked up thinking, and
I was able to proceed the next time I tried... Good tip Mystery..

This basic practice is cool. From now on I will take a night a week,
just to try new stuff I wouldn't ordinarily try on chicks; and assume
that I will pick up no chicks that night and just get blown out because
of all the new wierd shit I am just practice new stuff and
see what works w/o being bent on taking anyone home for that
night...then I will incorporate what works into my normal routines the
other nights... That is cool..!

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