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From: "Mr. Happy" 
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Subject: Re: Well I gave the HB a ride home last night.
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 16:54:48 -0500
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> Well I got the confirmation email of her ditching me:
> -----
> Sorry Robert, but I can't make it tonite. A friend of mine is taking me
> to look for a car and I REALLY need one. I hope you get this message. I
> don't have a phone# where I can call you, so I hope you don't come all
> the way out here.

> C you in class tomorrow,
> Camilla
> -----
> Bitch.  You know, if she REALLY wanted to be with me, like if she had a
> crush on me, then she would have gone out of her way to study with me
> tonight.  So what do I say to her in class tomorrow?  And should I email
> her back saying anything? Is she playing hard to get??

1) There was a point in time, in the past, when she found you attractive
2) She no longer finds you attractive sexually.
3) She either thinks that you are a pussy, or that you are not interested in
her.  Those are the signs you have been sending her.
4) She is NOT playing hard to get.  She uses you where she can and she blows
you off otherwise.  She derives feminine satisfaction from manipulating you.

This is one of the BASICS:  Once you demonstrate to a woman that she can
manipulate you, she loses all sexual attraction for you and designates you
as a pawn.
Read the above sentence 10 times.

One piece of advice that is given here often (when a guy is pining over a
specific woman) is for you to go out and fuck 10 other women first and then
come back to her.  If your skills are not yet up to the level where you can
do that, then THAT is the true problem that needs fixing.  Asking our advice
is useless if you don't follow it.

Here are the basic attitudes you must instill in yourself, behave as if they
are true even if your emotions mislead you:
1) I make no excuses for my desires as a man.
2) I move through this world without apology.
3) I like to fuck women.
4) I don't need any particular woman, I am not needy.  Women are a dime a
6) Rejection is a good thing, not a bad thing.  The more I get rejected, the
more I will get laid.  I learn something every time.  If a woman rejects me
it just shows how stupid she is.  My gain, her loss.

You need to go out and approach 12 women a day, 4 days/nights a week.
That's 48 women a week.  Your skills will undergo massive improvement with
such practice.  You should always be able to blow off any woman to go pick
up another one.

It is only after you do these things that the original swedish girl will
start to find you attractive again.  And if she doesn't, oh well, at least
you are getting laid.

Look I respect the fact that you are posting this shit and trying to improve
your situation.  But if you don't listen to us and put in the effort, you
will not get the results.  As Mystery said, if you won't even put in the
effort, then you are a pussy and evolution is weeding you out.  If you DO
put in the effort, you WILL improve and get great results.  Do not ever
fixate on any one woman, it turns her off.  To lay her, she must believe
that you like to fuck women, that you would like to fuck her, but that you
don't NEED her because you have all kinds of women all over you.

Got it?

As far as your current situation, she is disrespecting you.  It IS a form of
test, although she is already assuming that you have failed the test.  In
order to pass, you must:
1) Show that you don't lose your temper over it.
2) Show that you don't whine like a baby over it.
3) Show that it doesn't really phase you.
4) Show that you DO find it disrespectful and that you don't tolerate that.

(4) is the most important point, but you MUST do it in such a way that
(1,2,3) are true.


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Good attitudes for being a better pickup artist!

From Sun Feb 13 01:31:38 2000
From: "Cane_69" 
Subject: 10 rules of PU

These are collected from the group or my experience (it's basically how
to be the alpha male and a few other rules) :

1.  PUing follows the FMAC model (Find Meet Attract Close)
2.  Have the attitude that every girl wants to sleep with you, it's
just a matter of you wanting to sleep with her, having the spare time
to do it and giving her the oportunity. Always prepare yourself and
assume sucess.
3.  Desperation is not something you experience.  It's something other
guys who aren't PU artists experience.
4.  No woman is more important than your pride and your happiness. 
Another one is hoping to take her place in your life and is waiting
right around the corner. 
5.  PU is a win/win for both you and the woman.  But do unto others...
6.  Humor is the most import single technique to sucess.
7.  Confidence in a relaxed way is the most important factor to sucess.
8.  Never get stressed out, discombobulated or worried that things
aren't going right or perfect.  Always remain calm, relaxed and
reactive in possitive way to any challenges.  Always act in a slow calm
powerful manner.
9.  Never appologize or try to think ahead to make life easier for the
woman.  Never dote.  Don't "supplicate".  Make her work for it (whether
"it" means the realationship, the conversation or the first date)
10. Look, smell and sound your best.  Never make it harder than it has
to be, and it makes you feel better about yourself.

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From Sun Sep 26 20:45:10 1999
From: JonJuan 
Subject: Re: Well I gave the HB a ride home last night.
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 15:46:10 GMT
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You say the words "player" like it is a BAD thing ;-)

It depends how you "play".  If you play a couple
girls while you are getting NOTHING from them..
then it is OK.  Once you get SOMETHING or SOMEWHERE
with one, then the ethical questions come into play.

Before then, it is all about SURVIVAL.  Just ask
yourself, do you only apply to ONE job if you are
unsure if you will GET the job.  Do you only ask
for ONE opinion, when you are not sure of the
validity or truth of that first opinion?

Of course not!  Why be any different with women
or the friends you choose.

Girls play this game all the time, and have whipped
guys into submission over the years.

It's really that simple.

The sad thing is a LOT of girls don't even realize
this themselves..and so if you think they are not
playing this game with you on PURPOSE.. then you
could very well be right.  It's all conditioning
for THEIR survival.

This has become their INSTINCT in helping them
find their best possible match.

Start worrying about your own.  Get in touch
with your natural instincts.  You're not being
an animal.. you're just tapping into your
animal instints, and using it to guide your

You will be happier in the end, and will be
sure that YOU have made the right decision.

Just do it with class, style.. and most of all
have fun and learn!


Once you think you've won her over.  Don't start
gushing over her, getting caught up (too much)
in the moment.  She may try to TEST you and see
if you can take it.  She may try to make YOU
jealous, by pulling the same game on her.

Pretend you don't care.  No matter how much it
eats away at you.. pretend you don't care.

You have to keep yourself in shape to stay
on top.  The longer you are together, and the
more you know her, the more you can start
letting your guard down.

Do it at your pace.

But find a balance.  You're new to this and
may find your self over compensating.. this could
also lead to potentially spoiling the moment
with paranoia.. be sure to post here often and
listen to what different people have to say.

Good luck man!!

>From Tue Sep 28 05:13:41 1999
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From: Daniel 
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Subject: Simple seduction
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I used this a couple of times. IT works. You may add values inside those
"patterns", that you have elicited.

Fluff talk - 3-10  minutes.. During fluff use humour / tease sequences
(when she laughs establish anchors on her arm, hips and tummy and neck),
use NEGS if needed (depends on rating). Make sure rapport has been
established and the girl has given u signs of interest. BTW KINO on the
arm/hand as soon as you say hi (to show her u r a sexual being).

Connection(reverse type):

You know.. sometimes .. when i meet someone i get this feeling inside
(PTS) .. i dont know what it is.. but i know it feels good (PTS).. and i
cant help but want to get close to that person and get to know
her..(point to her).. do you ever get that feeling when you meet a guy

Let her say shit.. if its positive move on if negative do some more
rapport building....

Passion:  (continuation)

Passion and desire (touch her neck) ... the feeling that you cant hold
back...  you want to touch the person (PTS or if u feel brave take her
hand and make it touch your chest).. the desire builds and builds (touch
her arm).. your mind goes numb because the feeling is so pleasurable..
(touch her arm) ... your legs get shaky (touch her hips) and your tummy
feels weird (touch her stomach)

Note: she should be fucking dripping... and if she aint u shouldnt have
launched these without establishing anchors and rapport

(smile and look in her eyes DONT say a fucking thing for 3 seconds)

Passion and desire.. (touch neck and pull her a little closer)

(KINO TIME (kiss))

Enjoy the fucking.. use the lines i supplied before to confirm and
change venue for a fuck.

BTW its more effective if u r both sitting down...
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Regards, Daniel :)

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From Wed Sep 22 10:59:31 1999
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From: Daniel 
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Subject: Thoughts
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When I think about my style, i realise its mental masturbation, thats
right!, i am mentally masturbating them which often follows into
physical. They cant help but have their attention on me, the good
feelings of laughter and the ego trap of the tease gets them hooked
(although there comes a time when even a tease is highly pleasurable
even if not straight away).

Love the basic human psychology, you make the girl feel good, she will
naturally reciprocate, except her instincts tell her to please the man

I love the little gem by mystery where he said to neg a girl before
kissing her, now how devious is that?
You make her feel self conscious and then you relieve the very feelings
you caused.

Daniel's cookbook of speed seduction.....

1) NEG hits to disarm initial bitch shield (if needed)
2) Small Talk
3) Tease.. Humour Sequences ...Sprinkle several sexual innuendos
(Extreme Moderation is the key word here)
4) Wait for any sign of her sexuality building... (prolonged eye
contact, open body language towards you etc etc, Shouldnt take longer
than 10 mins tops)
5) Then go for a string of humour sequences (no teasing at this stage,
use more frequent sexual innuendos though BEING SUBTLE IS VERY IMPORTANT
6) NEG HIT... (destabilise her, make sure its still in the right format,
in that its covered in humour)
7) Get onto her right there!  Fuck her in any convenient private or
public (hehe) place.


Whole process shouldnt take longer than 20 mins.

Also, if she starts calling you names early it means on a gut level she
is finding your powerful method overwhelming.. Leave the girl alone.
This will work on a majority so dont worry.

NB: The last neg hit part will be unnecessary in most situations anyway.
Some HBs will require it though.
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Regards, Daniel :)


From Sun Feb 13 01:21:37 2000
From: (Nathan SZILARD)
Subject: Re: I just got tested... what to do?

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000 16:30:49 GMT, Feisal Keblawi 
| Thats more or less what I was saying.  But when women test us like this,
| are they CONSCIOUSLY testing us, or is it all in the subconscious?  Are
| they doing it on purpose, just to see if they can jerk us around, or did
| they really "honestly" forget for whatever reason?

I don't think they test as in "let's see in this guy is
a whimp". I think it goes more or less like this:
"Damn, I'm not sure I want to see that guy ... well
he's cool BUT ... nah I don't want to see him this
time maybe I'll see him later and I'll know how I'll

From what I've 1- read in female magazines 2- read in
psychology textbooks 3- heard from female friends
when this kind of situation arises, it's exactly where
they are positively impressed by a strong will.

In the words of Vicky (formerly featured in the "home
made porn" section of the lounge), when she's not sure
she goes for the guy who appears to desire her the most.

Does that seem to contradict what we have established 
WRT women not desiring NEEDY types?

Indeed, it might appear as contradictory ... but as
Alain Soral puts it .. it's about showing that you
WANT her, as opposed to NEEDing her.


Hmm ... that's interesting, as I type that, I'm starting
to understand exactly how I fucked a few times lately.

Well, bottom line is, it's been shown that women fall
for men who show persistance. Be persistant. Quite the
opposite of what Ray teaches ... One and done my ass.

Persist. And persist in showing strong will. Do not
abdicate. Accepting her BS is being weak. Backingoff
is being weak. Persisting is being strong. 

Then there is that line where stalking begins ...
obviously, "stalking" falls in the "needy" category.

Before either asking me seduction question, or posting them to
the group, be sure to check the following GREAT websites:
           -- non commercial
         -- non commercial 
     -- non commercial
             -- commercial