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An excellent online seduction by David Shade!

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I much prefer to sarge in person, but when I am stuck at home, like when
my sons are with me and they have gone to bed, I get online.  Since I
have finished Ross' BHSC, my online sarging skills have sky rocketed.  I
decide to try my new skills on a real challenge - married women.  So, I
get onto AOL and go into the married room.

I meet this chick from another state.  She was originaly from here and
has relatives here.  We start with small talk and exchange pics (very
attractive).  She said that her marriage was very good and alluded to
the fact that she would never consider having an affair.  Her idea of
commiting adultery is simply sharing deep secrets with another man.  She
only gets online to keep in touch with people.  We build rapport and she
begins to open up...

 Mary:  I called my husband (he has been away for a week on business)
and he was so p.o.'d.  That didn't help much
 David:  oh that was not nice of him.  that is not at all a suppoortive
thing to say.  Now is the time when you need someone to support your
 Mary:  i know.  we had some words and he saw it from my point
 David:  Well good that you made him see it from your point of view.
 Mary:  it's not like i did a thing to have this happen.
 Mary:  I was quite upset when I got his reaction when I was looking for
some consoling and really tore into him
 David:  How do you feel to be talking with me to allow yourself to vent
as I see it from your point of view
 Mary:  good. thanks.
 David:  good.  I like to see you feel good.  And it makes me feel good
 Mary:  So, you are divorced? How long if I may pry a little?
 David:  yes, I am for 7 years now.
 Mary:  How long were you married?
 David:  8 years. but after 6 years of marriage, I realized I wanted
something more.
 Mary:  12 here.  Married pretty young
 David:  I did not know at first what it was, but I knew that I was not
 Mary:  We have had our share or rocky roads but they always seem to
smooth out.
 David:  you might ask why I am in the married room
 Mary:  do i dare ask?  you have a fettish for married women? lol
 David:  you might say :-) lol  just kidding
 Mary:  lol   or are you learning what we all want??!!!
 David:  Do people really know what they want?
 Mary:  Very few! very very few!
 David:  I have been avoiding single women.  Eventually they want to
become very serious and talk about marriage.  I just am not ready for
marriage yet.
 Mary:  I only get on here to get an occasional laugh and see what
everyone is talking about
 Mary:  If I were to do it all over again, i don't know if I would get
married.  Don't get me wrong I am happy, but I think everyone wonders
from time to time
 David:  The thing I like about married women is they want to celebrate
being a woman
 Mary:  of course we do!!
 David:  and they are very sensual
 Mary:  yea, sensual because of something they are lacking
 David:  and they are tremendous lovers because they know how wonderful
intimacy should be
 Mary:  i wouldn't know about that one! lol
 David:  and they want to savor all of it
 Mary:  true, its in their minds
 David:  yes, it is really all in the mind
 Mary:  i think most woman fantisize about the moment rather than the
actual event unlike most men.
(hmmm...  I think I heard a good idea for a pattern there!)
 Mary:  most men want it with two women or this way or that way etc.
etc. etc. most men are not capable of understanding a woman's needs
 David:  yes, that is very true.  But for more mature men who understand
that true meaning of intimacy they know that it is the journey, not the
destination, that is to be savored.
 Mary:  so, you are teaching a class to all these non-intimate men in
the world right?  lol
 David:  lol  Do you prefer a mature man who knows how to treat a woman
like a lady and can truly appreciate a woman?
 Mary:  My husband and I talk all the time and he doesn't understand
that i don't have an actual sexual fantasy
 Mary:  i can't seem to get it through to him that it is a feeling not a
position that a woman yearns for
 Mary:  I tried to explain at one time, that he couldn't satisfy me
anymore physically as a lover than he already does but if he could learn
how to unleash the fire in me than he would have an incredibly different
view of things
 Mary:  that there is a big difference between incredible sex and what I
was trying to explain to him
 David:  yes, that feeling of incredible connection
 Mary:  he asked me to explain that to him, and of course i couldn't.  I
don't think it is something that you can really truly explain
 David:  that is correct.  It is something that you feel, something that
you know
 Mary:  unless you desire it as well, and he is content with what he
gets! lol
 David:  some men are just happy with just that.  sex.  and for them
that is enough.  But for others, there is a higher plane of sharing
 Mary:  yep  it is at the emotional level as you explained
 David:  an incredible connection at all levels of intimacy - emotional,
intellectual, physical, and spiritual
 Mary:  exactly, so well put, but so misunderstood by many

(Here I do the IC pattern.  Based on her response I say...)

 David:  You are a person who is very concerned about the good feelings
of other people
 Mary:  yes, I have always been that sort of person.  Put others before
 David:  That tells me that you are a person who is capable of a deep
incredible connection and communication
 Mary:  so you do fortune telling on the side too? lol ;-)
 David:  lol    I would like to think that I am a good judge of
 Mary:  so far you are doing pretty good
 David:  To me it is just sharing.  It feels good to share like this.
 Mary:  yes, it does.
 David:  yes, it does.  I love the way it feels to share like this
 Mary:  So, you share a lot on here?
 David:  When I meet someone I feel comfortable with, I will enjoy the
sharing if it takes place
 Mary:  it is nice having someone to share your feelings with
 David:  yes, it is nice to have someone to share your feelings with.
To see it from your point of view.  To take the time to understand.  It
feels very good
 David:  There is nothing finer than feeling as close to someone as can
absolutely be
 David:  there is nothing more rewarding than when a woman can share
with a man and teach him how to really feel, and there is nothing more
moving for a man to have been made to feel so very vulnerable
 Mary:  So, what made you come up with that screen name?
 David:  I think that is what it is all about.  To be so close as to
touch each other's soul
 Mary:  ok, so i really messed that translation up
 David:  wanna hear a poem I wrote?
 Mary:  sure, i would
 David:  I like to write poetry.  Will you give me your honest opinion?
 Mary:  you know i can really be a ruthless bitch, you may not want an
honest opinion! lol
 Mary:  just kidding, of course i will be honest
 David:  I know you will be :-)
 Mary:  just give me a minute to absorb the poem for my opinion
 David:  ok, I will
 David:  "The Tear"

(I recite The Tear)

 Mary:  Thats really good, seriously. Simple, but to the point!
 David:  I am glad you thought it was good.
 Mary:  better than good.
 David:  That is a very nice thing to say :-)
 Mary:  {{{{David}}}}
 David:  That hug feels so good Mary :-)
 Mary:  that is one of those hugging sort of pick me up off the pavement
sort of poems!  a great one for my day, thanks for sharing it with me
 David:  I love to hug.  It is such a wonderful way to share.  To feel
each others embrace.
 Mary:  you would have died on my lips all day long! lol
 David:  It makes me feel so good to make you feel so good.
 Mary:  my eyes are still all swollen!  I need a glass of wine, and a
 David:  yes, that would be nice. with candles and fragrances
 Mary:  Of course, wouldn't be right without those!
 David:  and slow soft music
 Mary:  Those are the things that i appreciate more.  The effort put
into the moment
 David:  and feeling like we are the only people in the world right now
 Mary:  to really absorb the atmosphere that is being shared
 David:  to really savor the sharing
 Mary:  or being swept away to a beach and listening to the sounds of
the ocean which i find extremely stimulating. smelling the salty air,
feeling the warm breeze
 David:  as the waves break mathodically on the sand, over and over and
 Mary:  yep
 David:  and feeling the soft sand under you.
 Mary:  I could stay there forever.
 David:  and let the world stand still
 Mary:  Hey, here's something funny. sorry to break this up
 David:  yes?
 Mary:  first i will say that i DO love my husband but his translation
of what we just described, is, The water is cold, the sand is gritty,
the air smells like dead fish etc.  the waves are crashing on the
beach.  And you bring all that damn sand home with you!! lol  How can
two people view something so differently
 David:  lol
 Mary:  As far as the jacuzzi? You can't do it in a jacuzzi, it just
doesn't feel right, I don't like wine, and unless it's country music i
don't want to hear it, and candle or no candle it doesn't matter and it
smells like clorine!
 David:  lol
 Mary:  I happen to like all music
 Mary:  and one night after he was gone for a long trip i went through
the extreme of setting the night
 Mary:  I bought a CD which I absolutely loved, and bought wine for
myself, lit all the candles, laid out a very soft blanket on the floor,
had on a really nice neglige' and he came in the door and said
"Allright! boy did i miss you!!"
 Mary:  the whole ordeal was over with quicker than i set the whole
thing up!!
 Mary:  can you believe that?
 David:  I am sorry to hear how selfish he was.  After all this kind of
attitude from his part, I would imagine that love making would become
old and stale and be reduced to just sex.  It is sad.
 Mary:  not always, we are trying to work on that. but some things i
think he will never understand and that part does get quite frustrating
 Mary:  I'm one of those emotional gals myself.
 David:  You need to feel that sense of sharing and that sense of
incredible intimate connection
 Mary:  sorry about my little detour ;-)
 David:  Mary, I am so glad you feel free to share with me all those
things that you are feeling
 David:  I adore that.  It is so precious to me that we can share this
 Mary:  I am working on that.  I told him I wanted a get away in the
mountains at a ski resort.  I basically spelled out all the details for
him and told him if he did it, he wouldn't regret it for a moment
 Mary:  thanks, david
 Mary:  and i am sorry for being so scattered.
 David:  no.  I am happy you are so sharing with me
 Mary:  i am happy you have been so gracious to listen
 David:  Now that makes me feel so very good Mary.
 Mary:  Good David.
 David:  You do make me feel so good when we talk Mary.
 Mary:  You are easy to express myself to
 David:  I have heard that you know it is right when you feel you can
truely be yourself
 Mary:  probably true

(At this point she opens a private chat room for us.  She said "I am
tired of using the mouse."  hehe.  Most of the private chat room text
scrooled out.  I did more poetry, including the last 2 poems from my
post "Let her write your poetry."  I did the Discovery Channel Pattern.
I did the Blammo pattern.  Then I went into Major Mark's "compartments"
stuff from Ross' course.  Absolutely LETHAL when used on a married
woman.  Then...)

Mary:  if two people feel the way that you describe and the way that I
fantasize, they would have to feel committed. I think you would be
committed because those feelings truly felt are of true love, something
very few people ever experience
David:  true, and it is sad if anyone goes through life and never
experiences them and never fully feels them
Mary:  so to experience that would be impossible because you would be
committed the day you experienced that. am i wrong?
David:  no, you are not wrong
Mary:  your souls would be committed to each other
David:  yes
Mary:  you can not truly feel what you described without affecting the
David:  that is so true
Mary:  so it would be a committment the first time you actually
experienced it
David:  then what you say is true, but can it be done without affecting
all the other things in a persons life?  I would not want to change
anything in a persons life.
Mary:   i dont honestly think it could be done

(Here is where she finally betrays her husband)

Mary:  unless of course you are describing sharing what two people
desire but not crossing that line in putting those two people together,
does that even make sense?
David:  yes.  I would not want to cross that line
Mary:  i am beginning to confuse the heck out of myself! lol ;-)
David:  I agree that two people could share while agreeing to not cross
that line
Mary:  there is a fine line there though, very fine
David:  yes, and we would take great care not to cross it
David:  will you promise to not cross that line with me?
Mary:  I promise david I won't cross that line
David:  knowing that, we can share that special place for just you and
me. we can expereince all that is there to be experienced.  Just you and
me. just that place
Mary:  ok
David:  ok
David:  it will be our secret, to be kept completely to us, only us
Mary:  ok
David:  ok
David:  Mary
Mary:  David
David:  I want to give you something to think about
Mary:  ok
David:  I want you to first go into that special place that is just for
you and me...
Mary:  ok

(Locket pattern here)

David:  and now I kiss you good night and slowly walk away, to return
when we meet again
 Mary:  my mind is at rest
 Mary:  David as far as what is unfaithful and unfair to my husband, do
you understand that?  Is this wrong of me David?
 David:  I understand Mary.  I will allow you to think about that all
you want. I know you have much to think about
 Mary:  You are truly incredible David.
 David:  That makes me feel so very good Mary.  Good night sweetheart.
 Mary:  Good.  now good nite darlin' and sweat I mean sweet dreams to
 Mary:  or the first, whichever you prefer! lol ;-)
 David:  I'll just leave that up to your imagination :-)
 Mary:  that's pretty dangerous with my little mood swings tonight! lol
 David:  lol
 Mary:  you don't want to have nitemares do you
 Mary:  of endless tortures of passion ! lol
 Mary:  that would just be terrible now wouldn't it
 Mary:  ;-), always a smart ass, I am!
 David:  :-)
 David:  Mary
 Mary:  darlin''?
 David:  When you go to bed tonight, go into that special place in your
 Mary:  ok gotcha
 David:  and..... relax
 Mary:  and...... relax
 Mary:  a very warm sensual place
 David:  (((( Mary ))))  nite
 Mary:  {{{{{David}}}}} nite.

Our second chat is very sweet and romantic.  Lots of playfullness.  She
talks very breifly about her husband's return.  I do not get into that
at all.  She and I are to share only that special place in her mind.

Our third chat is very steamy.  She has us back on the beach.  She
describes in detail what it would be like.  Then she wants me to
describe in detail the back rub that I would give her using warm oils.
Then she wants me to continue...

Mary:   you know what I'm talking about
David:  Wait.  Are you talking about cyber?
Mary:   Are you a cyber virgin?  lol
David:  What are you saying?
Mary:   David, I have never done this before.  I want to do this.
Please do this.
David:  Mary, I will not allow what we have to be reduced to "Cyber"
Mary:   Please just describe that back rub you were giving me.  Such
that the oil allows your hands to glide so smoothly over my skin.  You
cannot enjoy this unless you can hear my passion in it.

I tell her no.  She begs me.  I tell her no.  She gets mad at me.  I
tell her again why not.  She returns to romance and all is well again.
I tell her to go to bed and "think about me."

Our fourth chat is filled with "Oh baby I miss you so much"  and "Oh
darling I need you so badly" etc.  hehe.  I love it.  I did the right
thing in following Ross' advice to not let her have any unless it is in
person.  No more cyber, no more phone.  Gotta be real.  I am going to
try to get this chick to visit her relatives here.  We'll see.

There were three other married women this weekend.  One of them was
local and wants to meet.  I'll post them.

David Shade