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Handling "Alpha Male Other Guy" intrustions!

From Fri Jan 28 20:09:02 2000
Subject: Re: Tough competition
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 05:16:18 GMT

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  "thx"  wrote:
> > Then she smiles, introduces herself to me, offers her hand and that
> moment this guy sits next to her. Asks her if the seat is available,
> something funny (I didn't hear what but she laughed), pays zero
attention to
> me and now she sort of turns to him. I couldn't hear what they were
> but after the class she says to me "See ya!" and goes with this guy
to a
> cafe accross the street.
> Now what was that all about? I saw them walking together today holding
> hands. I was with that 9.5 social-proof chick and managed a "Hi" and a
> halfhearted smile.
> Now how to handle this kind of thing? >

I can offer three proven tactics to counter Alpha Male Other Guy (AMOG)

Typical Situation One: your above "I was working her and this AMOG
moves in"

Solution:  As soon as the AMOG inserts himself, and, she pays attention
to him, do the following:

Smile at the AMOG and say "hold on a sec OK". Touch her shoulder and
turn your body so that youíre between her and the AMOG. Then, lean
forward and whisper in her ear:  "I donít want to share your attention
with anyone else.   Letís continue this some other time"  Sheíll either
respond positively or not.  If negative, smile at her and say, "heís
all yours".  If positive get the #, smile, and say "Iíve got to run but
I will see you again" Use a strong hand pointing gesture when you say
the "See you" so that it places a verbal anchor and also asserts your
dominance over her vis a vi the AMOG.

TIP:  itís fucking vital in these situations to always whisper in the
chycks ear.   Why?   Do you remember from elementary and middle school
how the chycks were always whispering in each otherís ears?   They love
it!   It creates an instant atmosphere of intimacy and "specialness".
Plus, tactically, you want to keep the AMOG shut out and guessing.  I
call this the "whisper close".

Two other typical AMOG competitive situations and how to deal with them:

Typical Situation Two:  Youíre sitting at the bar with two chycks at
adjoining bar stools and youíre working them.

Solution:  If itís two chycks that you started chatting up at the bar
with you and them sitting on the adjoining bar chairs, always move so
that youíre  positioned between the two chycks.  This means that any
AMOG has to choose one or the other to approach.

IF the situation is that youíve been chatting up two chycks and some
AMOG comes along and exploits your mistake and inserts himself between
the two chycks before you can position yourself between them (as
happened to me very recently), hereís what I did:

I touched the chyck (whose back by then was to me " donít you just hate
that) nearest to me on her shoulder and whispered in her ear:  "Iíll
bet you that he propositions you and your friend to a threesome".

If sheís like this chyck, sheíll immediately turn to face you with a
laugh and and a "How much do you want to bet kind of reaction".   I
said, "Since I wonít be here to verify the bet, letís just make it
buck.  That way, it wonít be the amount, itíll be whether I was
right or you were right. I'll trust your honesty!"  (I had already
closed and was going to meet her the next night at this bar where the
other woman was bartending).  I left by saying "I gotta run but Iíll
see you both in Ridgefield (a nearby town where the other woman

Typical Situation Three:   Youíve been chatting up some chyck and you
have leave for moment (maybe to hit the menís room) and when you
return, thereís this AMOG thatís moved in

Solution:    Approach from the AMOGís blind side and visually get her
attention from a slight distance away, from  behind him.   A sharp
"Yeo!" and a finger point at her should do very nicely to get her
attention.  From there, your alternatives are:

If you didnít already do the close (shmuck! itís almost never too early
to do a trial close), then move in per Situation One above and do a
whisper close.

If you already had gotten the close (attaboy for that), then say "Gotta
run. See you like we planned".  Use a strong hand pointing gesture when
you say the "See you" so that it places a verbal anchor.

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From Fri Jan 28 20:13:09 2000
Subject: Re: Tough competition
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 19:24:20 GMT

In article <_ldk4.2022$>,
  "bigbry"  wrote:
> >
> Now as far as strategy goes: I like old dog's whisper technique but I
> have immediately started to illiminate the compitition very
ambiguously. The
> guy sits down and laphs at my jokes I would look at him like where
the hell
> did you just come from and then look at her like he doesn't even
> belong with us. Then I'd say, "You ever meet someone who really
annoys you?"
> to her. Then I'd go into the wisper technique.
> My guess is that women love, absolutely love men fighting over them.
> girl was getting all this attention from the both of you but he was
the one
> who closed on her first.
> Remember this rule and you won't run into a problem like this again:
> early and close often. The sooner you create that emotional closeness
> her close. Shit you might as well just close as soon as the guy sits
> with you guys.
> It seems like BigBry and certainly Mud have missed the whole
strategy focus.  Let me help you connect the dots.

The strategy is based on two key elements:

1) use body action, kino and the whisper move
to physically and mentally isolate the chyck from the AMOG.

2) Put the onus on the CHYCK to make her choice:  you can have my
attention or his but not *both*.  Remember from my previous post that
the conditions are the AMOG's intruded *and* she's paying attention to
him.  That's why I tell you to use the "I don't want to share your
attention with anyone" as your LEAD whisper assertion.  Then, the image
that you're establishing is that you're wise to her and you're not
going allow her to put you in the position of competiting with the AMOG
for her attention.

That's the IDEAL strategic position for HER and the WORST strategic
position for YOU.

I know there's a natural male impulse to confront the AMOG.  Resist it.
It's a loser since it sets you up to be manipulated by the chyck and is
a major waste of your valuable time.  Besides which, what are the
possible outcomes?  The guy may be good; you don't know.  Then you're
the one who looks lame.  The most likely outcome is that
you make each other look lame and she blows you both off but not until
she's throughly amused herself and gotten all of the ego gratification
that she can extract from you both.  But hey try both ways - see which
works better for u.

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